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U.S. network could pick up Aussie radio show

Monday 27 November, 2017
It’s not unheard of for radio journalists to become program hosts.

Award winning news presenter, Scott Mayman has made that transition. He now hosts the Breakfast show on Radio 97 broadcasting into the Gold Coast from the NSW/Qld border.

In June this year,  Radio 97 launched its own radio version of the classic TV show "Blankety Blanks".  It only last 5 weeks,  but it was a lot of fun.

Scott describes it as “Cheesy - bawdy - but a lot of fun with a lot of tradition,  as we honoured “The King" - Mr Graham Kennedy,  with a radio adaptation of this old Aussie favourite.”

Locally,  the game was well received but what was not expected, was an email from the United States expressing interest in the segment.

"At first,  I thought it was a joke when I received the email,” says Scott. “It was from someone I worked with in Kansas City radio nearly 17 years ago and he had heard of this game that I had streamlined for radio purposes.”

The segment aired on Radio 97 throughout June and was hugely successful with prize giveaways to contestants who had to pick a red or a blue team.

“I had to recreate it,  for the purposes of radio. So, it's been specially modified.”

The American version of Blankety Blanks is called Match Game which currently airs on the ABC TV Network in the United States.

"The Americans never thought that the fun of the game could be re-designed for radio, so in essence,  the U.S. is learning something from Australia,” Scott Mayman said.

"We'll see how it plays out. I know there are a lot of legal issues to deal with and I must make sure it does not infringe on the copyright of the American TV version.

"It's too early to say where this will lead but it's sure good to say, hey - we are teaching the yanks a thing or two!"

Scott couldn't say if the radio edition of Blankety Blanks would be making a return to Radio 97.

"There's a lot of time, effort and good-will involved, not to mention the need for a sponsor.  I know the June broadcast was very popular so I might replay it in January to test if there's enough interest for a fresh version in 2018.”


A Little Bit About Scott:-

Scott Mayman is the breakfast show host at  Radio 97 \ FM104.1 \ 103.5FM.

He also works for the CBS Radio Network as Australian Correspondent.

He's also the director of his own company "RADIO AND NEWS PARTNERSHIPS"

And continues to mentor young, up and coming journos.


8 Greenway Dr, Tweed Heads South NSW 2486
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