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Radio needs to get back to the basics

Tuesday 28 June, 2016

Award winning Australian radio presenter Scott Mayman says radio needs to get back to the basics.

It was just over a week ago now 200 loyal listeners attended the “Radio 97 Movie Night”, the first movie promo the station had done in a long while.
It was billed as an opportunity to welcome me back to the station that I last worked at in 1992, providing local news updates during Breakfast.
In April 2016, I returned to the station as the new Breakfast Announcer and as part of the return, I've been heartened by my following, which includes many listeners who remembered me from 24 years ago.
Despite the efforts of current consultants, listeners want to turn on a friend and enjoy music they are familiar with.  
It's that one-on-one connection with the listener - pretty much a return to heritage radio, which has obviously hit the right note with those tuning into Radio 97.
In fact, that’s what the listeners were telling me, at the end of the movie night.  They don't want the fancy fast talking multiple announcer shifts with the latest fast paced songs of which you can't understand the lyrics.  
A format based on thousands of dollars of research.
As repeated to me by listeners (some who told me they've actually switched across to me), they have been crying out for a friend on the radio, some-one who'll tell them the news events of the day and play their favourite tracks.
I believe many stations make it about them, instead of the listener, which is a shame in my opinion.  
A simple movie night for listeners can be an effective way to connect with listeners and  ensure that friendship continues to prosper.
Sometimes it's the basics of radio that work the best.

About the Author

Scott Mayman is an award-winning Australian radio presenter who has worked professionally in both his home country and in the United States. In 2010, Scott initiated the 4BC/101FM "ready reserve" program with great success. Many radio journalists attribute their success to the program.

Scott is currently Breakfast Host at RADIO 97 - FM104.1 on the Tweed Coast and a Correspondent for CBS Radio News


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