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28 June 2017 - 4:55am
Dear John ? how I hate to write.....
Instead of just blithely criticising Mr. Dan Morris with your half-assed Technical BS why don't you talk to the guy ? At least he had the balls to do something courageous, that he regarded as a valuable contribution to the Community, albeit stupid ! sure
Regardless of the frequency chosen he was damned from day one. So just cut the crap and let's get on with something useful eh ?
Wollongong pirate radio operator off air and fined $1500
Andy Wells
20 June 2017 - 10:35am
Andy Wells Media was also very honoured to pick up the Bronze Award for our music special "Celebrating 30 Years: U2 - The Joshua Tree" - Hosted by Barry Bissell. Aussie podcast picks up global award
31 May 2017 - 7:34pm
I copped redundancy in the 90s too. A memo went out at the station, with lots of names on it, saying we'd all be having individual meetings. It turned out only the top 4 names had those "meetings". This was on a Thursday, but for some reason I agreed to turn up the next morning to work a final brekky shift. However it was the best thing for my career, and paypacket. 'Redundancy may just end up being your best ever career move'
Wayne Stamm GM 2NUR
31 May 2017 - 11:23am
Congratulations Rachael.

Rachael is another member of the 2NURFM newsroom and a great example of why Community Radio is so important in the broadcasting landscape. Her experience at 2NUR was a vital part of gaining this prestigious scholarship and I have no doubt she will join the growing list of 2NUR alumni who have moved into full time employment in radio and television in recent years.
Newcastle Univeristy student winner of Brian White Scholarship
30 May 2017 - 5:55pm
Said it before, I'll say it again. So long as the choice is restricted to juke-box style radio, most will seek choices online. Data plans are bigger and cheaper. Sure there are people without smartphones, but increasingly small in number. What is a young person most likely to have a) a phone or b) a radio?

I'm sure most DAB listeners in Oz are using it to get better reception from AM channels - but we can't tell, cos those figures are never published.

The inefficient use of spectrum argument is a bit pointless. It's choice that count. When I switch on my Spotify feed I don't think that it's an inefficient use of spectrum and, out of guilt, switch to MMM.
Joan Warner responds to Brad Smart's views on DAB+
30 May 2017 - 12:25pm
"This is an expensive and inefficient use of spectrum"

Joan, it would be premature for you to comment that its "expensive" when pricing hasn't been released for this product by any telco in Australia.

As for "inefficient" having a regional DAB+ Mux in some areas that will less then 30% full is what I call grossly inefficient.

"Similar studies in Europe showed mobile networks would not come close to being able to support radio listening which is why Europe is moving to DAB+"

You are confusing unicast or traditional streaming to LTE-B which is a 1 to many multicast technology when saying that mobile networks would not come close to being able to support radio listening. It would not matter if 1 or 100,000 are listening because thats what the technology is all about.

As far as considerable mobile network capacity, each base station has around 300mbits capacity so a few 64k streams is not going to impact the telco in the slightest. also remember if nobody has requested to listen on that base station it does not get broadcast. once again I think you are confusing unicast with multicast delivery mechanisms.

As far as distances in regional areas are concerned, the Telcos network already blow predicted DAB+ coverage models out of the water. not to mention better in building reception.

"Since the Coutts study there have been additional recent technical articles that also describe the limited or specific use of eMBMS for specific events only ie sport, concerts etc and not for wide area broadcasting."

You are correct in saying that it has only been used in sporting and concerts, but these were done as tests to prove the technology however The US are looking to this product because of the inherited problems with IBOC especially with regard to AM IBOC. This technology is going to be offered for TV and radio broadcasters for wide area broadcasting in Australia.

"Without DAB+ digital radio in regional Australia, broadcasters and listeners will be significantly disadvantaged compared to metropolitan broadcasters."

Without considering and embracing other technologies like LTE-B and even DRM+ in regional Australia, Broadcasters and Listeners will be significantly disadvantaged end of story.

Joan Warner responds to Brad Smart's views on DAB+
Paige Nienaber
30 May 2017 - 11:55am
James really nails it. We train part-timers how to switch to the backup transmitter but that's 1920's technology. When the 35W bridge collapsed in 2007, it was on the cusp of social media BUT everyone still had their cells. The bridge was the most heavily traveled bridge in the state and at 6 pm, there were 20,000 people at a baseball game 1/2 mile to the south and 50,000 students were at the University, which was 1/2 mile to the north.

I had dinner, checked my email and my client in Greece had messaged to ask if I was "all right". I knew something had happened. We went to the state of a post-apocolypse zone in about 60 seconds. All cell service crashed. People were using payphones to call and let loved ones know they were safe.

And that's what Radio can do. Fill in the gap when there is a loss of communications. But you need a plan first.
Get the tech right in an emergency
29 May 2017 - 2:38pm
Here's what I reckon:
A. The CRA sells it's DAB+ infrastructure to the Govt for "a dollar"
B. Clear the FM band by putting all the small 200watt community stations
onto digital. There are dozens of them and the clog up the band in capital cities.
C. For every commercial station license, AM or FM, issue another FM license free.
Wolves at the Door? Telcos introducing new radio broadcast technology
John Patkin
29 May 2017 - 10:39am
Wolves at the Door? Telcos introducing new radio broadcast technology
27 May 2017 - 6:25pm
Hi everyone,
We really miss not having Magic 1278 and 3MP on digital radio in Melbourne.Please bring back Magic 1278 with no talkback,just lots of music and please get rid of the digital station called OMG as we don't like the name of it or the music that they play.Please keep the station but get rid of the name OMG and change the music they play on here to easy listening music and medium beaty music like the song called "Shiver" by Natalie Imbruglia.Also,I think you should play more older songs on it.From Jono and ben
Wolves at the Door? Telcos introducing new radio broadcast technology


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