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28 July 2021 - 6:02am
Poor Raymond has nobody's coattails to cling to these days.
All this talk of Alan coming back to radio and possibly with Lawsy or at least on the same station as Lawsy is getting to the poor fella.
Hadley takes another dig at Jones. This time, it’s personal
28 July 2021 - 5:26am
I think they should explore new ideas and concepts with them. Much like I wouldn't expect the Martin Molloy partnership to achieve the ratings success of the past again but Mick Molloy still does a good show on the radio. SCA signs Hamish and Andy to long term agreement
Francis Borg
27 July 2021 - 9:18pm
Unless I am mistaken, Band I is used for DAB+ whereas Band II used for existing FM transmissions 88-108MHz. I thought DRM + is meant to be used using existing FM stations in Band II suitably upgraded.
Only recently ABC has strated trialling DRM30 for AM on 747 which probably will be even more sutiable for full regional broadcasting in such a vast country.
ABC/SBS change the DAB+ digital radio quality and the reducing of broadcasting costs
27 July 2021 - 10:41am
Why is Southern Cross Austereo pushing all their programs on to apps?
The BBC research has found that the least expensive method of distribution is DAB radio. We use DAB+ which is even less expensive per program. https://www.bbc.co.uk/rd/blog/2015-07-from-lens-to-screen-an-industry-collaboration-for-sustainability
Remember that broadcasting is unidirectional so the number of listeners doesn't change the cost to the broadcaster. Using apps all use bidirectional communications, but there is only a tiny amount of data returning to the broadcaster. Telstra is the biggest single consumer of electricity to power all of those mobile phone towers. Add to that the NBN going down most streets in the country.
DAB+ radio started in 2009 to 60 % of the Australian population, but broadcasters push apps instead of buying a digital radio.
SCA adds 10 more DAB+ music stations to LiSTNR
27 July 2021 - 9:37am
Austereo bought 2DAY-FM from the Lamb family for something like a hundred million dollars. I can't remember exactly how much but they wouldn't have got much change from a hundred mil. Soon cash interest rates were in the high teens and the purchase of 2DAY-FM was a significant factor in the merger with Village Roadshow and the Triple M network. Mike Hammond is back on 2DayFM
26 July 2021 - 8:27am
I think radio is talent driven. They used to say win breakfast and you'll win the day. Scott Muller is the new Head of Content Insights for SCA
24 July 2021 - 6:32pm
Considering the unanswered accusations of Jones past ... it seems surprising that anybody would really care for what he has to say.

This comment has been edited for legal reasons. EDITOR
Alan Jones joins John Laws on 2SM
Drew Fox
24 July 2021 - 7:21am
Great news. Alan Jones joins John Laws on 2SM
Drew Fox
24 July 2021 - 7:21am
Looks Alan is making a move to return to radio. I believe that he struggled to succeed on SKY News. I feel sorry for Marcus Paul., he has tried really hard on the morning show. Unfortunately for him it would not suprise me if he gets pushed to weekend radio on 2SM where he will most likely replace Poppy on a permanent basis. Alan Jones joins John Laws on 2SM
Anthony The Koala
23 July 2021 - 12:26pm
I wish to comment on the remark made by the Qld Chief Medical Officer and the logistics of distribution and administration of the vaccines as reported in the media.

First, there has been much unjust criticism in the media of the Queensland Chief Medical Officer's ('CMO') remark "..."I don't want an 18-year-old in Queensland dying from a clotting illness who, if they got COVID, probably wouldn't die....”

The CMO may have alluded to a case in Italy of an 18 year old woman who was jabbed with the AZ vaccine then died.

So the criticism by the media commentators of the Queensland CMO's remark about an 18 year old dying from blood clots after the administration of the AZ vaccine may well be unwarranted. Thus the notion of an 18 year old dying from the adminstration of the AZ vaccine may well be valid.

Finally, I fully agree with the comments Mr Wright. May I add that the virus is apolitical. A person is infected regardless of what the infected person votes for.

Going back to Mr Wright's comments. At the start of the pandemic, Australia had one of the lowest death rates in the world. There were faults on the administration of lockdown policies with the "Ruby Princess" case in NSW and the deaths of several hundred patients in Victoria in July-August of 2020.

One would have expected that the logistics of planning the distribution of the vaccines would have been organised in late December 2020 such that the administration of the vaccines would be carried by hospitals, GPs, pharmacists and vaccination hubs. It was expected that it would be a smooth transition.

One issue has been the alleged stopping of the Pfizer vaccine by the EU. The EU Ambassador to Australia denies that the EU stopped export of the Pfizer vaccine while the Prime Minister alleges that the EU did stop exports of the Pfizer vaccine.


Not having access to the data of Pfizer imports in order to attribute "who is to blame" for the shortage of the Pfizer vaccine, I leave it to the reader.

Clearly the media reports of the way the vaccines have been distributed and adminnistered appears to media consumer as being disorganized. Much of the criticism has been typically "...if the flu shots have been administered by pharmacists and GPs why couldn't the same methods of distribution and administration of the covid vaccines be done the same way?..."

Nevertheless, there was a lack of supply of the Pfizer vaccine.

At the same time the government should have hedged their bets also on ordering approved such as Moderna and yet-to-be-approved vaccines such as Novovax in 2020. The logistics should have taken account of the equipment needed to store the Pfizer vaccines at -70 degrees celsius.

The distribution and administration of vaccines should have been made with co-operation of the Federal and State Governments as well as private enterprise specializing and/or willing to distribute vaccines requiring storage and transport at low temperatures.

The choice of a General from the Military such as Lt. Gen. Frewin is an excellent choice because the Military have extensive training, knowledge and real-life applications of logistics and risk management.

It is the ad-hoc "let's add GPs and Pharmacists now". That should have been planned at the beginning in the same way as flu shots have been planned.

Don't we have a record of how the "Sabin" (polio), tetanus and diptheria vaccines were distributed "in the old days"?

At the same time, despite the ineptness of the distribution and administration of vaccines for want of 'disorganization' by the Federal Government, for many reasons, we should be thankful that we live in Australia.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting, dynamic, thoughtful Belfield

Is not saying sorry the responsible thing to do? Ask the PM.


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