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Anthony The Koala
8 July 2020 - 4:21pm
Further to my comment about possible physiological damage to recovered covid19-infected patients, here is an article from the SMH that British scientists are invoking possible cognitive impairment and brain damage as a result of the covid19 virus. https://www.smh.com.au/world/europe/british-scientists-warn-of-potential-wave-of-covid-linked-brain-damage-20200708-p55a6p.html (subscription may be required or delete cookies and refresh).

While commentators treat this virus as a mild flu, while true for the majority, you would not want to be in the minority.

Thank you,
Anthony of Belfield
Where the real fake news lies
Anthony The Koala
8 July 2020 - 1:54pm
While Ms Teys has a degree from UTS, ref https://au.linkedin.com/in/ruby-teys-762626118, the article places an important role of TAFE in education.

TAFE is more than learning about the trades such as the plumbing and electrical trades. It covers diverse topics in electrical and electronics engineering, accounting and advanced manufacturing, to name a few. The radio course is another.

TAFE is not only covering the practical "nuts and bolts" of topics, it is of intellectual rigour.

I am a graduate of the TAFE system in electronics engineering, obtaining a traineeship with a major broadcaster. The level of mathematics covered in the engineering certificate was at a level of first year and some second year university mathematics.

For me the TAFE certificate better prepared me for university than the HSC (VCE equivalent in Vic) ever did. Not only better prepared me for university, but personally as it was the first time that the TAFE system was inclusive and non-prejudicial unlike the pretend-Catholic school I was at. I ignored the school teachers pushing me to into a life of being servile factory fodder.

With that TAFE certificate, I used that for entry into Macquarie University in science and statistics and used the Macquarie qualifications to pursue law at UNSW. What I wear as a badge of honour that before my TAFE studies was being rejected by a catholic teachers college, which is now part of the ACU, because "...my English was not good..." By the way, I did teach at university in accounting, statistics and epidemiological methods.

In conclusion, never underestimate the quality of a TAFE education. It can open doors to careers and further education. It is a tradedy that both sides of politics have downgraded the TAFE system over the last 22 years and huge fees are required for TAFE courses. I went to TAFE when it was fee-free (heavily subsidised). Fees started to creep in 1988 with a $450 adminstration fee. Today some TAFE courses especially their diploma and degree offerings cost more than University.

Thank you,
Anthony of dynamic thinking Belfield
TAFE NSW is encouraging students to consider a career in radio and broadcasting
Wendy Jane
8 July 2020 - 11:22am
What a great article Peter - keep 'em coming! Plenty to think about and certainly plenty to hope for. Where the real fake news lies
Anthony The Koala
7 July 2020 - 8:56am
The author's article clearly made a distinction between two conservative leaders' approaches to the to current pandemic The Hon. Mr Morrison and President Mr Trump.

It would be out of the scope of this article to discuss why the US's approach to the pandemic was not co-ordinated as well as Australia's response. Is the US response due to politics, disbelief in the virus, the belief that market forces will respond, the populace to be personally responsible. This would be a topic of discussion on RN.

Importantly it is how the message of the current pandemic was communicated to the radio and tv audience.

Some media commentators on radio especially 2GB's Alan Jones' breakfast program and some News Corp columnists have regarded the virus as if the virus was mild, the economy was more important than lives and the Swedish model of handling the virus was exemplary. I have commented elsewhere on this site being very critical of this, given that if we adopted Sweden's approach Australia would have nearly 10000 deaths instead of 105.

I was also critical of the comment that we could take the same attitude with the covid19 virus as the flu. However the flu is recurrent and there are vaccines while the covid19 virus is 'novel'.

Commentators cannot assume that in Australia that because there has been NO EVIDENCE of children spreading the virus or people younger than 60 that it won't happen. Casualties amongst children have occurred overseas in Europe maybe in smaller numbers compared to older people, but a casualty is a casualty.

In addition survivors of the virus may experience severe damage to their physiological system. One well-known journalist on 2GB is a fit 30-something who was involved in marathons. The journalist recovered but her lung capacity has been reduced and it is unknown when the lung capacity will reach 100%.

It is true that businesses will fail during recessions whether by market-induced or medical-induced recessions. Despite the criticism by commentators on the policy of lockdowns and restricting people movements resulting in loss of business, I have never heard the commentators during the GFC or the recession we had to have in the 1990s chastise those who caused the recessions.

Recall that by not having lockdowns and not practising safe-distancing would overwhelm the hospital system. Sure there are mental health issues as a result of loss of employment and business. That has been a fact of life for every recession whether caused by market forces or medical events such as the current pandemic.

Thus our mental health resources should be increased during market-caused or medical-caused recessions. Call 13-11-14 or contact an evidenced-based medical practitioner if you are experiencing mental distress. Like infections, we cannot let mental issues rip.

Remember, our policies have reduced the mortality incidents compared to the US, UK, Sweden and Brazil. The economy must not be the pinnacle of living at the expense of health. Recessions have always had a transfer of wealth and people will always want to build businesses. The current recession like all other recessions don't remain static. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

In addition, if a loved one has passed away as a result of a virus, no one's grave or memorial plaque will have "...he/she died in the course of upholding the economy...." What if your loved one died as a result of the covid19 virus.

In sum, this is the problem with commentators regardless of ideology taken as 'gospel'. Apart from the already discussed issues of economy trumping lives, the same applies for those aggrieved by racial discrimination demonstrating in public risking infection and I stress risking infection even if the demonstrators may be using social distancing and masks.

The political, ideological and economic narrative is blind to what is medical reality. Commentators and activists may well be wrong with their narrative trumping medical reality.

Thank you,
Anthony of critical Belfield
Where the real fake news lies
Radio Advocate
7 July 2020 - 7:41am
Congratulations Mark and the ACE family, this will be a great addition to your Victorian footprint! ACE Radio brings back 3MP
Anthony The Koala
6 July 2020 - 10:16am
Two points.
(1) I have been listening to NewsRadio and I believe that incorporating the news bulletins used by RN and metropolitan enhance NewsRadio. Today, 06-07-2020 I listened to Helen Tzarimas (who used to banter with Stan Zemanek (RIP) when she read the evening news bulletins on 2UE).

To me NewsRadio is the real news talk radio. It's about news, not opinion nor travel nor cooking segments or other sponsored segments. Nothing wrong with opinion, cooking, travel and other sponsored segments, but it they are not news. To me it was the best decision that the then MD Mr David Hill made in 1994 to use the reserve transmission facilities at Liverpool for not interrupting RN and metropolitan (2BL) with parliamentary broadcasts.

It was also a clever decision that when Federal Parliament was in session that Parliament was covered on the AM band (630kHz) while the NewsRadio coverage continued on DAB+. It was that decision that motivated me in 2009 to purchase the DAB+ so I have a choice between listening to Parliament on 630kHz OR NewsRadio on DAB+.

(2) I made an error in regards the glockenspiel towards the end of the track in the Chappell version of "Majestic Fanfare". The Chappell version's last few bars had two strikes of the glockenspiel. The one that went to air had the first strike of the glockenspiel not the second strike of the glockenspiel.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
RIP ABC 0745 News bulletin
Anthony The Koala
5 July 2020 - 1:17pm
I believe that Marcus Paul could well be the rising star of 2SM. While I believe that 2GB's Ben Fordham's program is more newsy than his former afternoon shift, Marcus Paul could be serious competition.

Tuning in the last few days to 2SM, I heard two of Alan Jones' former callers Stephanie and Marie call the station. On Marcus's facebook page, you can hear a sample of Stephanie. The musical introduction of two bars of Laura Brannigan's "Gloria" at the beginning and ending of this audio clip aludes to the Alan Jones show, https://www.facebook.com/marcuspaulradio/videos/626048104673056/
2SM's current saying "give a trial up the dial...."

It is quite ironic that in the Daily Telegraph 05-07-2020 that Alan Jones said “...I don’t mean to be unkind to the medium which has been very kind to me, but I don’t miss anything....” He went on to say that he does not and has not listened to radio since leaving because he does not have the time to listen, 5th paragraph,
(subscription may be needed) .

Even though I do listen to 2GB, it is not as frequent. I cannot explain it. After listening to NewsRadio and RN on weekends I listen to 2GB's Chris Smith then either to RN or NewsRadio and 2SM. When I do listen to 2SM, I do hear callers from 2GB such as Marie from the Shire, David the lawyer from Rouse Hill and Cedric from Campsie.

On my reflection of listening to 2GB over the last few years, I thought the changes to programming at 2GB were over when the management changed in late 2019 (October/September). No, the new management continued to change for example Ross Greenwood (1800-2000) departing in December 2019. Despite George Moore departing from December 2019, it is not the same as him filling in for the afternoon presenter.

2GB's use of former TV presenters on radio is not new. The ABC's radio presenters also work on ABC TV and vice versa. PK, Virginia Trioli, Sabra Lane both present on radio and TV. Go back 60 years, it was radio's Jack Davey and Bob Dyer who went on to TV. Even in the 1960s and 1970s, Bert Newton, Don Lane and Tony Barber were not only on radio but on TV.

I should note that the current presenters on 2GB have led the Sydney market. That was while Alan Jones was on breakfast.

Given the theory that the breakfast show leads the rest of the day in ratings will be put to the test in the next survey.

I cannot predict whether 2GB will remain the market leader in the next available radio survey and whether 2SM will ever participate in a future ratings survey. The market may have remained or even moved away from 2GB. The constant changing of presenters on 2GB may affect stability of listenership.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
Marcus Paul resigns from 2CC
Anthony The Koala
4 July 2020 - 7:14am
As a regular listener to NewsRadio between 0500-0700 before switching to RN, I have noticed that the abridged version of "Majestic Fanfare" used on metropolitan and RN was played on NewsRadio on the hour and half hour (eg 0630 and 0700).

Something related:
The abridged version of the "original" Chappell recording used by the ABC's TV and Radio Divisions can be heard in the last few bars of this recording at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYvFa0RmBbg. It is played in a different key.

"Original version" used by the ABC? The "on air" version had the "pipe organ" but did not include the sound of the glockenspiel on the last few bars.

Thank you
Anthony of musical ear of Belfield
RIP ABC 0745 News bulletin
3 July 2020 - 2:49pm
Great to hear that 3mp is returning. Don’t make the mistake of Magic by having a playlist that is duplicated by several FM stations. The original format played by 3mp was excellent but wasn’t promoted enough. ACE Radio has purchased 1377AM in Melbourne
Anthony The Koala
3 July 2020 - 11:10am
I received a brand new sealed copy "Thanks For Listening", UPC No: 9333767002774 two days ago.

A well-made documentary series. In relation to the ABC, for those advocating that the ABC become a subscription service, look to history. Before the formation of the ABC in 1932, the then Class A (non-commercial stations) relied on a subscription fee. It failed. Yet the ABC became a vital service 'enjoyed' by all.

Despite the failure in 1932, the ABC's financial model was a licence system imposed on all listeners. Then in 1974 the ABC's financial model was from a parliamentary appropriation.

Yesterday's lessons of sealed sets failing and a subscription service apply today. Sealed sets were hacked to receive other stations despite the threats by legislation prohibiting tampering. Today, encrypted set top boxes could be illegally hacked with illegally-distributed decryption keys. Legislation under the Copyright Act (Cth) exists to those who circumvent technological protection measures ('TPM'). The result, like that of the sealed sets will lead to an unsuccessful model.

Furthermore to make the ABC a subscription service today would require all analogue AM and FM transmitters to be switched off since there are no known means to successfully encrypt analogue signals.

Yes there were means to scrambling analogue TV services and yes there were methods of scrambling audio signals, particularly telephone signals during WWII. But then scrambling analogue services may result in pirating analogue key sequences and distributing them on the internet. Moreover encrypting analog signals would be impractical since there are (i) no analogue AM/FM radios with a system of encryption/decryption, (ii) it would be a pain to administer digital and analogue key distributions and (iii) it may make people break the TPM law under the Copyright Act.

Ever since I heard about cuts to the ABC as a child since the 1970s, it has always been programming cuts. A few examples In TV there is no sports on late Friday evening (the Harold Park trots), Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and there is no "Divine Service" where each week an OB van was plonked at a different house of worship. "Songs of Praise" while fine musically is not Australian.

In radio "The World Today" used to be one hour and programs for educational purposes such as "Let's Join In", "The Health Report" (FOR STUDENTS, NOT Dr Norman Swan's "Health Report") and current affairs for children graced 2FC (now RN).

I've always said that instead of programming cuts, there cuts may well be directed to reductions in management and the hierarchical structures of the ABC as well as negotiation with BA, the transmission entity to reduce the energy costs of running 100kW+ AM and FM transmitters where commercial AM stations mainly run 1kW, 2kW and 5kW and rarely 10kW for the same coverage area.

There may also well be a case for consolidating ABC and SBS tv channels. For example many of the programs and documentaries on SBS could well be broadcast on the ABC such as Michael Portillo's train documentaries.

On the other hand, given these uncertain times, as I mentioned before on this site, SW broadcasting by our ABC should resume particularly directed particularly towards the South Pacific as part of Australia's soft power. A reliable and clear signal via SW DRM can be achieved as has been demonstrated when RNZI could be clearly received in Spain via DRM, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkD01FuXOsg. If necessary, our Government should make an aid allocation to distribute SW DRM receivers to our Pacific Island neighbours' residents.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
ABC Radio chastised for what James Valentine didn’t do or say


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