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Under the World Famous Rooftop

Tuesday 07 June, 2016
Sam, Meghan and Rove

Peter Saxon reports from the mosh pit

Even the control freaks in the SCA Promotions department couldn’t control the weather.  So the big media and listener bash scheduled for Sydney’s hottest and loftiest venue atop the new Bloomberg building in the city was shifted indoors to an upstairs function room in a Surry Hills pub. 

Apparently the World Famous Rooftop is a moveable feast, relative to the highest space available at the time which could be above or under said rooftop as circumstances required. Rove joked that this was Sam's first time at a WFR event but she hadn't noticed that the room wasn't actually a rooftop.

While the downgrade from business to cattle deterred many of the invited media scribblers, your faithful correspondent, made of sterner stuff rarely misses a knees up with radio types - especially when finger food and drinks are involved - not to mention the opportunity to stand within sniff distance to watch a world class performer perform. In this case, the fabulous Meghan Trainor.

Happily for my wife, Pauline, the late cancellations by assorted media hacks allowed her to fill a space with me in the mosh pit. She’s a huge fan of the curvaceous pop diva, not just because of her eminently dance worthy tracks but because of the message Ms Trainor promotes.

You see, Pauline owns a fashion store, lingerie, to be precise. Shameless plug coming up: It’s called Secret Women’s Business on Willoughby Road in Crows Nest. In the change room, a note on the mirror says: “Reflections in this mirror may be distorted by socially accepted ideas of beauty.” Pauline fits bras with a cause.

In the mosh pit with us was Tuesday (named after Tuesday Weld of Dobie Gillis fame) and mum Jodie from Penrith. Tuesday had won tickets on a Thursday on 2Day’s Hot 30 and brought mum along as both chauffeur and chaperone. 

Not long after we had stationed ourselves near front and centre of the stage at around 6:15, Michael Christian came on to warm us up and promise that Meghan Trainor would be on stage “very, very soon.”

Taking Michael, or MC as he called himself, at his word (who could doubt a hit Network jock) we waited in eager anticipation. And waited. And waited… the eagerness diminishing as the clock passed 7pm when our MC, MC once again appeared on stage to promise that the great star would be appearing “very, very, very soon.” 

By this time we and mum Jodie were feeling the pinch. But young Tuesday, along with those who had won tickets from interstate and were lucky enough to score flights and accomodation saw the wait as just part of the price one paid for bragging rights to be this close to stardom in a once in a lifetime experience.

Finally at 7:35 - an hour and 20 minutes since we first took our place in the mosh pit (and 35 minutes after her agreed time to perform) did the diva deign to appear.

Within 30 seconds, though, all was forgiven. Mum Jodie was all smiles.

Dammit, I was smiling too. But I can’t help thinking I might have had an even better experience if she’d just turned up on time like the rest of us.



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