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TAFE NSW is encouraging students to consider a career in radio and broadcasting

Wednesday 08 July, 2020
Ruby Teys

NOVA Entertainment Executive Podcast Producer Ruby Teys has credited TAFE NSW with igniting her passion for radio and propelling her podcasting career into the stratosphere.
Ruby got her start at TAFE NSW in 2014 and the 29-year-old, who has already cemented herself as a podcast producer extraordinaire, has also recently been announced as the new host of NOVA’s 'The Babble' podcast with Matty J.
As a former student, Ruby knows the value of the hands-on training provided by TAFE NSW and credits her teachers with fueling her desire to pursue a career in radio and helping her achieve such great success.
"I studied both the Certificate IV and Diploma in Screen and Media (Radio Broadcasting) at TAFE NSW Ultimo. From the very start, I felt comfortable and was so impressed by the beautiful facilities and supportive local teachers.
“My teachers really went above and beyond to give feedback and listen to what I had made, which gave me the confidence to apply for work,” Ruby said.
“Studying with TAFE NSW equipped me with the innovation and drive to create my own content and gave me the space to experiment with different formats and styles. I also gained skills in using the tools and software to try every aspect of radio from recording, to editing and then to publishing.”
TAFE NSW Head Teacher of Screen and Media, Natalie Pozdeev said the podcast scene was rapidly expanding and continued to present a new market and opportunity for employment.
“With many Australian radio stations and media companies launching their own podcast channels and Australia’s appetite for podcasts showing no signs of slowing, the demand for content and skilled podcast producers to drive them is at an all-time high,” Ms Pozdeev said.
“TAFE NSW equips students with an advanced, cross-platform skillset to make them agile content producers who can adapt to the industry’s changing needs.”
Ruby’s deep passion for radio and podcasting allowed her to rise quickly through the ranks to become a well-respected Executive Producer with a bright future. She says the uniqueness of the medium is what continues to drive her.
“I love podcasts because of the way sound can be used to tell a story or transport you into different worlds whilst you’re on your daily commute. With audio you really have much more flexibility and range to do all different kinds of things,” Ruby said.
“It's very challenging creating original branded content that your audience will love, though when you execute it properly and bring it to life; it's very rewarding. The sense of responsibility of having such a large platform and creating something positive is also very rewarding.”


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Anthony The Koala
8 July 2020 - 1:54pm
While Ms Teys has a degree from UTS, ref https://au.linkedin.com/in/ruby-teys-762626118, the article places an important role of TAFE in education.

TAFE is more than learning about the trades such as the plumbing and electrical trades. It covers diverse topics in electrical and electronics engineering, accounting and advanced manufacturing, to name a few. The radio course is another.

TAFE is not only covering the practical "nuts and bolts" of topics, it is of intellectual rigour.

I am a graduate of the TAFE system in electronics engineering, obtaining a traineeship with a major broadcaster. The level of mathematics covered in the engineering certificate was at a level of first year and some second year university mathematics.

For me the TAFE certificate better prepared me for university than the HSC (VCE equivalent in Vic) ever did. Not only better prepared me for university, but personally as it was the first time that the TAFE system was inclusive and non-prejudicial unlike the pretend-Catholic school I was at. I ignored the school teachers pushing me to into a life of being servile factory fodder.

With that TAFE certificate, I used that for entry into Macquarie University in science and statistics and used the Macquarie qualifications to pursue law at UNSW. What I wear as a badge of honour that before my TAFE studies was being rejected by a catholic teachers college, which is now part of the ACU, because "...my English was not good..." By the way, I did teach at university in accounting, statistics and epidemiological methods.

In conclusion, never underestimate the quality of a TAFE education. It can open doors to careers and further education. It is a tradedy that both sides of politics have downgraded the TAFE system over the last 22 years and huge fees are required for TAFE courses. I went to TAFE when it was fee-free (heavily subsidised). Fees started to creep in 1988 with a $450 adminstration fee. Today some TAFE courses especially their diploma and degree offerings cost more than University.

Thank you,
Anthony of dynamic thinking Belfield
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