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Station too successful... closes down

Thursday 22 September, 2016

SCA's digital radio station Triple M Classic Rock will close down next week because it has too many listeners.

The Triple M spin-off station was eating into the cume audience of its parent station Triple M.

Cumes illustrate audience size, "estimating the unduplicated number of people reached by a station at least once during a particular time period," according to GFK's audience survey definitions.

A statement on the station's facebook page seeks to move the digital station's audience across to the main network, thanking the audience for listening and asking them "to once again turn to Triple M."
Our big brother Triple M-FM is now playing much more classic rock than it was when Classic Rock Digital was created.

Now, Triple M is playing the best classics, and is about to launch the "Classic Rock Summer".

We ask that you check it out. You can turn to Triple M on FM, DAB+, online at, or via RadioApp for your smart phone.

Classic Rock digital was placed a strong fourth in the latest GFK digital radio ratings, with 113,000 listeners across four capital cities.

Listeners did not react happily to the news, with the loyal fan base expressing their frustration with the decision on the station's facebook page.

SCA is expected to announce a replacement channel when the station closes down on October 1.

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23 September 2016 - 9:00am
Well those comments sum it up perfectly. But hey, let's just ignore all that and keep dishing out crap, cause we have no idea what we're doing anyway.
Now, what if they put the digital 'on air' and the crap on digital. Well of course, all those presenters and, hmmm, 'personalities' would be out on their ass (thank god) and Triple M might actually rate better. Then the management and 'programmers' would have to go too.
But isn't it typical of Australian radio mentality to just keep churning out crap programming when the solution is so obvious. Well, at least it's obvious to people who don't actually work in radio.
26 September 2016 - 8:46am
TK-Well said! I think its rather short sited and foolish for SCA to shut this down. How about: (Stick with me here this may seem crazy) they actually have a look @ what is so successful on the digital and transfer that to on air? Crazy I know, but it might work.
26 September 2016 - 6:21pm
I took a lot of flack (from Peter Saxon and others) for writing a piece for AdNews that incumbent broadcasters were using digital spectrum to block out competitors and avoid having new stations taking away audiences from their FM and AM channels. Now we have an incumbent showing just that. Too popular so change to a format that is less popular. I rest my case.
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