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Salaries of key Crocmedia staff (accidentally) revealed

Saturday 14 April, 2018

In what seems like an embarrassing bungle the salaries of the top 20 earners at Crocmedia have been posted on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) website.

The list was part of a 360 page submission made by Crocmedia to the ASX following its merger with 1116 SEN late last year.

The list was quickly removed from the ASX site but the Herald Sun’s Page 13 was able to to get hold of it anyway.

According to the list published by the paper, Crocmedia’s CEO Craig Hutchinson’s salary, including a potential $61,000 bonus is $944,752.

Former AFL executive Richard Simkiss, is being paid $390,000 as the company’s new group business director.

Tim Cleary, who was formerly a Channel 9 programming and Footy Show executive, collects $410,000.

Radio producers, however, are not so well off as others in the executive ranks. Julian Bayard takes home just $100,950 while Tristan Foenander gets $125,950.

Read more at the Herald Sun (subscription may be required.

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Anthony The Koala
16 April 2018 - 2:51pm
The salaries of the officers were published in the annual report to the ASX. So what? If a business can sustain such salaries that is no problem. It is obligatory to publish the annual salaries of an entity's senior officers. MML's executives earn much more ($1000k) and its CFO earns $250k.

While I'm unsure as to the obligation to the publication of individual non-executive salaries (as opposed to an aggregate of salaries) such as a producer or announcer, I sing praises for the producer. The producer does an important role in co-ordinating other on-air talent (guests, MPs, sportspeople, CEOs), topics to be discussed, communications with with on-air talent before the show and with listeners who want to go on air.

I shall not comment on the magnitude of remuneration of a producer.

Thank you,
Anthony from Belfield,
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