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Radio ratings survey 5: Leadership spill in Brisbane

Tuesday 28 August, 2018

Results for radio ratings survey 5 have just been released.

HIT105 #1 in Brisbane. WS takes FM lead as KIIS sister slumps. In Melbourne: Jase & PJ up Christian O’Connell down.

The survey was conducted for CRA between Sun May 27 to Sat Jun 30 & Sun Jul 15 to Sat Aug 18, 2018.

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See Trend Graphs for the past two years here, also Analysis and Spin.

Share (orange) charts are first, followed by DAB+ (purple) then Cume (blue).


Digital Results


Cumulative  audience (cumes) are the total number of different people who listen to a station for at least eight minutes (one quarter-hour)  during any time period. Cumes illustrate audience size, as they  estimate the unduplicated number of people reached by a station at  least once during a particular time period.  


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Anthony The Koala
28 August 2018 - 10:04am
This is about the ratings for MSR. It appears that the ratings for 4BH (882kHz) are not a statistical blip from the previous survey. It has stablised at 1. Sydney's 2UE (954kHz) has fallen to its lowest at 0.6. 3EE's (formerly 3XY at 1278kHz) remains constant at 0.3.

Yet despite this, given that the breakfast program leads the rest of the day, it is too early to tell if the new breakfast program has or will have a more positive ratings figure.

Whether News Talk, Talking Lifestyle or Sports, it is a labour-intensive format. The other effect to which I don't have access to detailed information is that of the introduction of SEN+ (3MP, 1377kHz), It is not listed in the ratings. But whatever audience measurement technique, if there is market support for SEN+, then it should be on air for a long time. However for MSR, if the ratings continue to be so low, then MSR as a self-sustaining going concern may augur a more affordable format. Again you have to ask whatever format, will the returns in revenue be positive and profitable.

Anthony of exciting Belfield
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