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Norway, 1 year on and lessons learnt post DAB+ #NABShow

Monday 08 April, 2019
Ole Jorgen Torvmark
As DAB+ begins further expansion in Australia, it is a good time to look back on what has happened in Norway in the past year since they turned off their analogue service.

Australia is a long way from considering full adoption of DAB+, with CRA pushing for all markets they represent to be on DAB+ before that could happen.

While Norway suffered an initial 15% loss in radio listenership, it has almost fully recovered to pre DAB+ levels, but what demographics were more affected and who adapted the best? The answer may surprise you

If they had their time again, would they do it the same way?

radioinfo's Wayne Stamm spoke to Ole Jorgen Torvmark, CEO Norsk Radio AS at the 2019 NAB Conference about lessons learnt in the first year.


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Bjørn Authen
8 April 2019 - 4:03pm
Please DO NOT believe what Mr Torvmark is saying.

The true facts are that the forced switch over to DAB in Norway is nothing but a SCANDAL!

We have been observing Ole Jørgen Torvmark for the last 2 - 3 years serving untruths, in my opinion, to the public about the necessity of closing down national terrestrial FM, and introducing DAB the the radio listeners do no want. Torvmark belongs to the World DAB lobby, who base their work on pure lies about the DAB medium.

Please read more about the DAB scandal in Norway linking to this page, or contact me directly on Facebook.

Best regards from Norway,
Bjørn Authen, Oslo

EDITOR'S NOTE: Two small edits were made to this comment for legal reasons. They did not change the sense of the comment.
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