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New Penrith AM station now on air

Thursday 09 December, 2004

After more than two years of planning and development, the Penrith Open Narrowcast Partnership turned on its 1476 kHz AM transmitters in Western Sydney last week.

The licence was purchased at an ABA auction in August 2002, but the partnership was unable to occupy the former 2KA Emu Plains transmitter site nominated by the ABA.

They began the process of securing and obtaining ABA approval for an alternate site at Luddenham, 13 kms SE of Penrith and is using a broadcasting system never used before in Australia.

The system provides a DA (directional aerial) with one mast radiating towards Penrith.

The narrowcast partnership of commercial radio veteran Ray Rumble and narrowcaster Angy Nacson (RawFM) is trialling a Country Music format as part of an 8-week schedule of test transmissions to make final adjustments to the directional aerial pattern.

The transmission system uses a conventional 62-metre triangular guyed tower and two 500 watt transmitters with a fully automated digital program source at the transmitter, updated by ADSL link.

Final adjustments to the aerial pattern are expected to be completed within the next few weeks. Reports of good night time reception have been received all over northern New South Wales and in Western Sydney.

Both partners are surprised at the level of interest in the narrowcast station and have been contacted by interested ethnic and other broadcasters expressing their desire to use the station to radiate programs.

Offers of purchase or lease of the transmission have been received from prospective broadcasters in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Local listeners and advertisers have contacted the station's email address with enquiries since the station began broadcasting. Most have provided positive feedback about the diversity of the Country Music format.

No decision on a final format has yet been made.

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