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Matthew Cooper is stripped of his position at SCA, but Kyle offers him a job

Wednesday 17 July, 2019

The fate of Matthew Cooper may have been decided, with the Daily Telegraph reporting (subscription required) that he has been dismissed.

The report has not been confirmed by SCA.

The radio sales manager for 2Day FM and Triple M, who stripped for a nudie run at a weekend NRL match, is understood to have lost his job after a brief investigation by the HR department at the company.

Cooper was attending the game on a complimentary ticket he obtained through work, as SCA holds radio broadcast rights for some NRL games.

He made his mad dash in front of 24,000 fans, wearing only sneakers, and had to be wrestled to the ground by security and is due to front court next month.

Meanwhile Kyle Sandilands has offered Cooper a job representing the Kyle & Jackie O show saying on his program this morning “He was a radio guy. He worked over at 2DayFM and Triple M and he wasn’t just any old guy, he was the sales manager for both stations.

“Apparently he’s a very high flyer, a big deal, had very big clients. The clients loved him and think he’s a top bloke.

 “Matthew Cooper you have everything it takes to represent the Kyle & Jackie O show. Put on your little suit, pants or no pants, front up here at the radio station and we will organise something for you. You have a place amongst us.”




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Anthony The Koala
17 July 2019 - 1:58pm
First I will not discuss Israel Folau's case before the court. Nor will I discuss employment law and/or contract law and/or defamation law.

I relate this incident of the subject of the article to my time at a private boy's school. If you were a student of this school, and I can presume there are other private schools which enforce such a policy, one had to maintain the reputation of the school at school and out-of-school. The conduct may include such behaviours as improperly wearing of the correct uniform, improper behaviour while wearing the uniform. It may also include improper behaviour even when not wearing the uniform. Such conduct could occur on weekends including and not including sporting functions.

In other words the reputation of the school could be affected by improper conduct of its students even when not wearing the uniform. To illustrate if a student or students from a particular college were caught breaking the law such as reckless damage to private or public property or other criminal activity could result students receiving disciplinary action. That may include the expulsion of students. That is in addition to any legal proceedings. It has happened at my college and other colleges (boys and girls colleges) because the student or students have given the college a bad reputation. I won't name the college or colleges where such behaviour has occurred. The question becomes, how would the college community consisting of students, teachers and families feel after hearing that a student or students were behaving badly?

Therefore it follows that if an employee or contractor or supplier engages in any alleged unlawful conduct and there is publicity that associates the employee or contractor or supplier with a particular business entity, then it puts strains on the business entity. The business entity does not want to be seen or associated with such bad light. An example would be the time required by the particular business entity to answer questions from the public or it could mean the possible loss of business.

The lesson for the employee or contractor or supplier (of goods and/or services) is to be on your best behaviour and think of the consequences of the behaviour since it may affect your own employment or contracts.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
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