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Kyle & Jackie O grill Grimshaw

Thursday 11 April, 2013

After Kyle's grilling on A Current Affair recently, the 2Day breakfast hosts turned the tables on Tracey Grimshaw this morning.

Grimshaw revealed all, about revealing all at Crown, some years back.

Tracey: ...James and I used to do tequila shots back before he was married.

Kyle: You were never with him though?

Tracey: No not ever. Nope. Just did the odd tequila shot.

Kyle: No kissing, nothing like that?

Tracey: No, nope, I can categorically say that. We had a few, suddenly it was quarter to four in the morning, and I had done a few tequila shots and I was doing to Today Show that morning…

Kyle: Oh god this is Karl Stefanovic moment…

Tracey: It was with Steve Liebmann, but certainly it was my Karl Stefanovic moment. But I wasn’t as giggly on-air as him. You see, I’m better. I’m better at hiding it. I’m told it’s impossible to tell when I’ve had a few.

Jackie: That’s a good thing.

Tracey: By the time I got to the room I knew the hair and make-up girls were coming in fifteen minutes…

Kyle: And there’s where these lesbian rumours start from, you’re all drunk girls yeah yeah, I understand how this all bubbles into fantasy.

Tracey: I thought I am going to have to have a shower and get ready because the girls are literally going to be here in fifteen minutes to get me all shooshed for the Today Show. So I took the dress off that I was wearing and the finery and pulled out all the bits and bobs from my hair and went into the bathroom to have a shower and found myself in the hallway. At crown. Yup.


Some interesting tidbits about her stoush with Gordon Ramsay in the chat too - in the video below.

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