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Kyle and Jackie O swear on air to bait censor: ACMA un-fussed

Wednesday 01 July, 2015
Media watchdog still deliberating over 2DAY penalty.

Kyle and Jackie O, well, Kyle mainly, have had plenty of run-ins with The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) over recent years - or, more accurately their employers have. Which has led to constant monitoring of their KIIS Breakfast show by an in-house censor. Her name is Vanda (right).

Last week the duo played a prank on Vanda, locking her out of the building as she listened to the show from outside speakers. What she heard was the kind of foul language reserved for R-Rated films. You can watch Vanda’s panic (below) as she tries to get back into the studio to get her hands on the dump button.

Of course it was all a joke. The internal audio system played a dummy tape for Vanda’s ears only. The audience heard only good clean family fun. 

However that same audience was eagerly encouraged to go to the KIIS website and view the video   and hear the swearing that was part of the prank. If swearing is not okay on air, why is it okay online? 

We asked The ACMA where it stands on this issue. Nowhere, it seems A spokesperson simply replied, “the broadcasting codes are not applicable to online content.”

Vanda will, no doubt, sleep better knowing that.

Meanwhile, The ACMA is no closer to handing down a penalty to SCA, owners of what was 2Day FM when the now infamous Royal Prank was broadcast in 2012. 

When broadcasting breaches occur that require The ACMA to impose a penalty, the usual protocol calls for the regulator to advise the offending licensee of the proposed penalty. The licensee is then given the opportunity to accept or negotiate a better outcome by suggesting an alternative. 

Although neither side will give any public indication of what’s going on, whatever it is has been going on for a couple of months now. Watch this space, as they say.

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