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K rock's self-defence through self-empowerment

Sunday 02 December, 2018
Jamie, Fiona and Stampsy with K rock listeners

2018 has been a tough year when it comes to heartbreaking stories around assaults and attacks.
Knowing how important it is for women and men to feel safe walking the streets, K rock's drive show, The Departure Lounge decided they were going to do something about it.
Together with WISE Self-Defence, Stampsy & Jamie hosted a special training night that focused on how to protect yourself when faced with being attacked. Fiona Skene, owner and trainer at WISE Self-Defence was delighted to assist with empowering the Geelong community:
“I want people to make positive decisions in their lives so they can take control and live a more fulfilling life. Wise Self-Defence is all about understanding power.
“We have physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, financial, environmental, linguistical and intentional power. The education of WISE Self-Defence is all about harnessing you own power and making a difference in your life.”
Held at the Wool Exchange Entertainment Complex, Stampsy, Jamie and their listeners were taken through physical and verbal tactics to defuse situations and protect themselves in vulnerable situations.
They were taken through mindset coaching, physical defence moves and steps to live safely.
Co-host Stampsy was in awe of the evening’s success. “It was incredibly rewarding to be able to host an evening such as this. Those who came along felt empowered and supported, and that’s what the night was all about.
“I’m so proud the show could encourage positive change, have the tough discussions and provide our listeners with real life skills. It was awesome to have someone of the calibre of Fiona lead us in the evening.”
Listeners on the evening said it was “educational,” “empowering,”  “insightful” and “important to arm yourself with the hope you are never in the position to actually need it but can defend yourself if the need arises.”
Photos: Stampsy putting self-defence moves to practice with listener Kim Cooper, Fiona demonstrates with K rock listener Tom.

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