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How a girls night out got Fitzy into trouble

Wednesday 10 September, 2014
Fitzy, his wife BJ and the boys. photo: supplied

As the old joke goes… 

Constable O’Brien finds Paddy staggering around the pub car park at 2 am fumbling for his keys.

Constable: And where do you think you’re going?

Paddy: I’m on my way to a lecture, ociffer.

Constable: Really? And who’d be giving a lecture at this time of night?

Paddy: The missus.

Traditionally, it’s the male partner that comes home late after a boozy night with the boys. But the tables were turned at the Fitzgerald household recently when Nova 969’s Fitzy stayed home to mind the kids while his wife BJ went out on the town with the girls. 

Like any good breakfast jock and smart husband who wants to keep a marital bargaining chip, Fitzy recorded her stumbling through the door in the wee small hours.

He only made one mistake. He put the recording to air on the Fitzy and Wippa show which prompted BJ to call in to the show.

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