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GatesAir expands Maxiva transmission family for DAB+

Wednesday 11 March, 2020

GatesAir will broaden its range of Maxiva transmitters and next-generation software innovations for digital broadcasters at the 2020 NAB Show.
They will introduce its first Maxiva liquid-cooled transmitter line for VHF television and DAB Radio, alongside several compact, high-density transmission solutions from its new GatesAir Europe division.
The Maxiva VLX-OP Series is a high-efficiency, frequency-agile transmitter line covers low-band VHF (Channels 2-6), high-band VHF (Channels 7-13), and DAB/DAB+ radio. 
The VLX-OP Series offers the same software-defined modulations as Maxiva VAXTE air-cooled transmitters to support global analog and digital standards.
Like GatesAir’s Maxiva ULXTE liquid-cooled UHF transmitters, the VLX-OP Series integrates redundant, liquid-cooling pumps that efficiently move transmitter-generated heat to building exteriors.
The system minimizes cooling requirements inside RF shelters, and especially reduces utility bills at medium-to-high power levels and leverages the unparalleled power density of Maxiva transmitters to reduce size and weight, and hot-swappable modular designs to streamline maintenance.
Also unveiled will be several ATSC 3.0 software innovations to address the unique IP networking architecture and security requirements of NextGen TV.    
GatesAir’s US-based engineers developed the Maxiva VLX-OP in cooperation with GatesAir Europe, a recently acquired division that has brought many of its innovations to the company.
Several will receive their North American debut at the 2020 NAB Show:

  • Maxiva PMTX-1 Pole-Mount Transmitter Series: An outdoor pole-mounted 50W post-filter transmitter unit that can be configured as a transmitter, translator or on-channel gap filler. Covering all UHF/VHF standards plus DAB Radio, the PMTX-1 comes in a rugged, telecom-grade weatherproof enclosure ideal for extreme weather conditions, and allows for installations where transmitter buildings are not available. The DC-powered, pole-mount design has no moving parts or air filters, eliminating most maintenance requirements.


  • Maxiva IMTX-70 Multi-Transmitter Desktop: Designed in a unique compact case that can house up to six 70 W TV transmitters and/or translators/transposers, the ingenious packaging of this unique transmitter minimizes real estate costs associated with multi-transmitter operational support.


  • Maxiva MultiD Multi-Carrier DAB Transmitter: The MultiD multi-carrier platform brings three DAB transmitters together into a compact 1RU chassis — a unique design attribute that reduces space and equipment costs, and simplifies installation. The multi-carrier architecture removes the need for external RF combining, and instead generates and re-transmits all three channels through a single amplifier. The multi-carrier modulation supports adjacent and non-adjacent frequencies, providing a flexible lower cost solution for DAB networks.

All three systems leverage GatesAir Europe’s clever design and engineering innovations, including cable-free, plug-in architectures that accelerate assembly and upkeep, reduce clutter and maintenance, and increase system reliability.
Additionally, a single-band PA module covers all Band III frequencies in VHF and DAB Radio – a unique competitive advantage that eliminates jumpers, tuning and other frequency-related adjustments.

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14 March 2020 - 1:33pm
This transmitter will cover our now disused analog TV channels 0 - 2 which could be used for Digital Radio Mondiale+
German company RFmondiale make a 6 channel DRM+ modulator. This means that the above transmitter could transmit 18 x 48 kbit/s radio programs. The highest power transmitter is capable of covering a radius of 100 km when the antenna is mounted on a main station TV transmitter tower. This band contains 168 DRM+ transmission channels compared to DAB+'s 8.
The signal loss through the atmosphere which is not blocked by obstacles or the horizon a quarter of the radiated power is required when compared to DAB+ or half the power of FM. Not reducing the radiated power means that it will fill in shadows better.
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