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Data is the new oil #RDE15

Tuesday 17 March, 2015

With changes in technology, music research has moved from playing music hooks in auditoriums or over the phone, to online and on smartphones.

"It is vital that research now uses smartphones," was the message from a panel of experts in a RadioDays research session titled Research is the new Oil.

"Online research has come into its own," said Paul Amos from Xtra Research Australia.

I don't think Australian radio is ready to take me back yet: Mel Greig #RDE15

Tuesday 17 March, 2015

"You know me as the nurse prank DJ, but I am Mel and I want to tell you about me.

"From age 16, I started volunteering on community radio and I knew I wanted to work in radio. The dream was to host the hot 30 countdown which I had listened to for years in the country town where I grew up...

"I got my dream job. I loved every single minute of it. I was there for 9 months... and then in one moment I lost it all."

Speaking at RadioDays Europe, Mel Greig told her side of the royal prank story. 

"Ears are better than algorithms." Music passion in radio #RDE15

Tuesday 17 March, 2015

Something that we all agree on at Radiodays Europe 2015 is that radio is no longer the same, with the rise of on-demand, online, on devices …on everything!  The head of Swedish Radio summed it up best in her opening address this morning, “Develop or die!”

Generation Headphone: Who are they, and how can you make money from them? #RDE15

Monday 16 March, 2015

Lars Peters is the Head of Business Development and Digital Media for RMS in Germany, he spoke at RadioDays Europe today about the headphone generation.

I was the worst program director in the world: Elvis Duran at #RDE15

Monday 16 March, 2015

Z100 morning show legend Elvis Duran was once a program director.

"I was the worst program director in the world...I hated managing people and respect those that do," he told Radio Days Europe.

But he's a pretty good presenter. Duran has been top of the ratings for years and his Z100 program is networked form New York to a huge number of stations around America.

Where radio goes next

Monday 16 March, 2015

Omny Studio, the all-in-one audio capture, storage, editing and analytics solution built specifically for radio will launch tonight at Radio Days Europe.

The on-line tool allows you to transfer your content from on-air in seconds to a number of different devices and social networks.
Other features include editing and archiving audio.

Everyone is a control freak, they are demanding and fickle: #RDE15

Monday 16 March, 2015

Laura-May Coope is the co-founder of Social Life, one of the UK's top social media agencies.  She previously led the social media strategy for BBC Radio 1 for over 4 years.

Laura-May was one of the first speakers at Radioday Europe 2015, speaking on social media.
You Got Me Feeling Emotions

RadioDays Europe coverage begins on radioinfo #RDE15

Monday 16 March, 2015
The Radio Days Europe conference has begun in Milan.

radioinfo's two reporters Barry Keohane and Steve Ahern will keep you up to date with what is happening.

In the two days before the conference, the radio stations of Milan mounted a celebration of radio called Radio City Milan, where stations brought their OB vans to a single site near the conference venue to broadcast programs and host talks and performances.

Seven essentials of top shows and stations: Valerie Geller at RadioDays

Saturday 29 March, 2014

At this week’s RadioDays conference in Dublin, Valerie Geller gave a presentation on her seven essentials of top radio shows and stations in the digital age. She shares it here with radioinfo readers.
The work I do around the world is based on only these three things: tell the truth, make it matter and NEVER be boring. If you do those three things, it works every time. 

Radio Days Dublin - Day One

Monday 24 March, 2014

Pre-conference functions have begun for Radio Days Europe 2014 today in Dublin.
Early arrivals for the big conference that begins tomorrow were able to sample tours of the city or get a little more serious with three afternoon pre-conference workshops.
In a city where music and culture are everywhere, delegates could choose from a musical treasure hunt, a literary pub crawl or a tour of Ireland’s national broadcaster RTÉ.


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