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The Living End join Merrick...thank you Spray & Wipe

Friday 01 April, 2016
The Living End has visited Triple M's Merrick, as part of a new segment called ‘Sell Out’.

They were asked to cover an old ad jingle, after much deliberation they went with the Ajax Spray & Wipe commercial.

The reason they chose it was because they had a crush on the star of the 90’s commercial ‘Paula Duncan’ (who was listening and called in afterwards).

SCA launches the studio

Monday 08 February, 2016

SCA has launched a new space called The Studio, designed for creative talent to work directly with clients on compelling, creative business ideas and solutions.

Triple M joins forces with White Ribbon Australia to combat men’s violence against women

Monday 27 July, 2015

Triple M is pleased to announce its new three-year-partnership with the White Ribbon Australia.

Radio is voice with emoticons: Merrick at Mumbrella 360

Wednesday 03 June, 2015
"You can't always understand what people mean on social media... you can't hear the tone, the meaning... so social media is not always the best medium for understanding tone.

But the voice is the mirror of the mind, with radio you do have tone. Radio is voice with emoticons."

Merrick Watts and a panel of radio personalities talked about the connection with listeners at the Mumbrella 360 Conference today in Sydney.

Selling radio with passion and integrity: Mumbrella 360 Conference

Wednesday 03 June, 2015
Merrick Watts told participants at today's Mumbrella 360 Conference that live reads ads can "combine passion with integrity" if delivered well.

Responding to a question from moderator Paul Murray, WS breakfast presenter Amanda Keller said being a personality on radio is "not just about being a presenter, you have to be a friend...

Derryn Hinch goes Bollywood

Thursday 05 February, 2015
No longer having a full time radio gig has freed Derryn Hinch up for acting rolls.

The Human Headline revealed to Merrick Watts today that he has just been filming a Bollywood movie.

On Triple M’s national drive show Merrick..and Australia, Hinch talked about the film, as well as chatting about the issues of the day.

Paul Murray unlikely to join Merrick on Triple M

Thursday 20 November, 2014

Despite a mutual desire for Paul Murray to join Merrick Watts on Triple M drive next year, it looks like Foxtel will block the move.

radioinfo sources say Sky News has told Murray it will not permit him to break the exclusivity clause in his contract, because he may be too stretched to do a double workload.

Paul Murray was previously on Triple M drive with Rach, and the pair have continued to record podcasts since the show ended.

Merrick pranks Kyle and Jackie O's birthday wheel

Tuesday 18 November, 2014

Merrick turned 41 today and on the lookout for birthday gifts, called Kiis 1065’s Kyle and Jackie O to spin their Birthday Wheel.

He donned his best middle-aged woman impression as his alter ego “Erica” won a meal for two at Criniti’s.

Then Merrick revealed his true identity.

“I was thinking this chick sounds a bit rough” reacted Kyle.

The prank call turned into a friendly chat about lunch, prizes and Sophie Monk’s recent Playboy appearance.

Cast changing, Triple M sticking to its roots: Mike Fitzpatrick

Wednesday 05 November, 2014

Triple M’s Group Content Director Mike Fitzpatrick tells radioinfo more about the changes to Triple M Drive next year.

Hottest hot dog leaves 2DayFM’s Merrick Watts seriously ill

Wednesday 27 August, 2014
2DayFM breakfast host Merrick Watts ate Australia’s hottest hot dog in an on-air stunt this morning – with 'XXXXX sauce' 900 times hotter than a jalapeño. 

After the challenge concluded it left his panicked wife Georgie calling producers, with Merrick violently ill causing an internal reaction with sharp pains in the inner lining of his stomach

‘XXXXX Sauce’ is the hottest legal sauce on the planet and has a Scoville heat count of 1.45 million -  almost the equivalent of consuming police grade pepper spray


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