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Kyle and Jackie O's real life photo bomb

Thursday 11 August, 2016
Global superstar Selena Gomez paid a visit to one of her super-fans when she touched 'Down Under' in Sydney during her Revival World Tour.
When KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O heard about how much 22-year-old super-fan Sophie Saunders love Selena – including travelling to ALL of her live shows in Australia (not to mention the trips she has made overseas to see Selena perform) they knew they had to do something special and put the two in touch. 

Ben Fordham takes on Kyle and Jackie O

Wednesday 21 October, 2015

Today the war between 2GB’s Ben Fordham and KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O came to an end in what is now being called the ‘photoshop accusation saga’. 

It all started on Tuesday, when Fordham pointed the finger at Kyle & Jackie saying he thinks they photoshop their social media photos, specifically pointing out one they posted with singer Adam Lambert that day.

When the KIIS team caught wind of Fordham’s tongue-in-cheek accusations, they invited him on onto the breakfast show to set the record straight.

'This is what a real man looks like'

Thursday 13 August, 2015
Everyone is always trying to catch a glimpse of Kyle off guard eating at a restaurant or on holiday with his shirt off, but this morning on live television Kyle decided to give the curious what they want and beat the "fat shamers" at their own game and own it.
That was this morning on Ch 7’s The Morning Show when KIIS 1065’s Kyle and Jackie O stopped by for a chat with Larry and Kylie.

​Fast game’s a good game for Kyle and Jack’s Dubai promotion

Monday 12 May, 2014

The fact that they’re taking 10 listeners to the Arabian Money Mecca is not that surprising – given that the station, KIIS FM, is booked out for at least the rest of the month.
But the fact that they’re going next week already, without dragging the promotion out like a TV reality show demonstrates how much they can afford to respect their audience – and convince the client, Dubai Tourism, that it pays to do so.

THAT awkward moment on KIIS explained...

Tuesday 18 March, 2014

"What was heard on air today was due to a miscommunication.."

It may be a while before we know what happened to the MH370 but a clearer picture is starting emerge of how it inspired one of the most awkward moments in radio so far this year.
Julian Morrow went on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to talk conspiracy theories surrounding the flight’s disappearance but things turned sour when he kicked off with a conspiracy theory of his own:

A technical comparison of competing Sydney radio stations: Marc Kean

Friday 31 January, 2014

Radio in Sydney this year is extremely fierce. You now have 3 radio stations all competing for the same slice of the pie.

Kiis 1065, Nova 969 and 2Day FM are all battling one another to be the most popular, which ultimately earns them the most $$$. But when it comes to the technical know how, it seems that the new Kiis FM only has the on-air talent to compete head-to-head with the likes of 2Day FM and Nova 969. But the technical side of things might let them down.

Will it be in the technical area where Kiis FM will not succeed?

​Cruisin’ in the Kingdom of KIIS

Tuesday 28 January, 2014

While the rest of America freezes in record low temperatures, California is bathed in unseasonal sunshine. It’s mid-winter in L.A.

Cease and desist using KIIS name

Wednesday 18 December, 2013

Kiss off ARN...

says Melbourne dance music narrowcaster Kiss.

The station has launched a campaign to raise funds for a legal fight to challenge the Australian Radio Network for trade mark breaches and 'passing off' a name that it has used for the past eight years.


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