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Jarrod Walsh

Jarrod Walsh's emotional farewell to Nova Entertainment

Wednesday 09 September, 2020
For the past few weeks, here on radioinfo, we've dwelt on the unprecedented job losses in the radio industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic - and the devastation it can cause to those affected.

This emotional video posted on social media from FIVEaa's Jarrod Walsh clearly demonstrates the anguish and raw emotion after losing the job you loved after 16 years of loyal service.

Nova's Jarrod Walsh nuturing his love of sport with a new podcast

Monday 10 April, 2017

Anyone who knows Nova 919's Jarrod Walsh, will know he is a huge sports fan.

So it comes as no surprise Jarrod has launched into the world of Podcasting, interviewing, you guessed it sports stars.

More about that shortly.

But to get an understanding of just what a sport's nut Jarrod is, one only needs to look to his wardrobe.

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