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Dan and Maz back together

Wednesday 15 August, 2018

Maz Compton has reunited with Dan Debuf in the first episode of Dan's new podcast.

Debuf has realised that "creative and interesting people have creative and interested brains that are easily obsessed. They're dying to talk about their latest or lifelong obsessions, if only someone would ask... well, he's asking!"

Rove likely on-air next Monday with Sam Frost as co-host

Monday 26 October, 2015

Could Rove pop-up on 2Day in time to influence the year's last survey?

Dan & Maz: the on air wedding with Snez and Sam

Friday 18 September, 2015
The Bachelor Australia 2015 was epic and Sam finally chose his true love Snezana!

2Day’s Breakfast show with Dan & Maz decided there was no better way to celebrate the occasion then hosting an impromptu (and probably unofficial) on-air wedding?

….Maz Compton played marriage celebrant.

2Day’s Dan & Maz out trend leadership change

Tuesday 15 September, 2015

The 2Day breakfast show with Dan & Maz decided on a social media experiment this morning that dominated Twitter and Instagram today, despite the leadership spill overnight.

Dan & Maz asked their Sydney audience to hashtag #SydneySnapShot at precisely 8.07am this morning, the idea soon took over the #1 trending hashtag in Australia and Sydney on Twitter and Instagram.

2Day Breakfast Co-host Dan Debuf said:

Nannas with attitude

Thursday 03 September, 2015
In honour of the NWA biopic ‘Straight Outta Compton’ film release today, 2DayFM’s Dan & Maz wanted to put together a homage to one of the greatest rap groups of all-time.

Of course they needed to tone it down a little because The World’s Most Dangerous Group were a little naughty for their breakfast radio timeslot…

Ginuwine: The ultimate wingman

Monday 31 August, 2015
After helping Sandra from The Bachelor break Sam Wood's kissing record with a 5 minute snog on top of Centrepoint Tower, hit 1041 2DayFM music guy Eggo became an internet heart throb.

Over the weekend, Eggo continued on his quest for love, enlisting the help of international R&B singer-songwriter, Ginuwine

Dan and Maz organised a big Bachelor style group date with him at Ginuwine's Sydney gig.

Wil's message to Senator Corey Bernardi

Monday 10 August, 2015

 Wil Anderson joined the 2DayFM Breakfast show this morning while Dan Debuf was off sick and shared his views on the marriage equality ad.
The Marriage Alliance commercia has been removed from some networks, campaigning against marriage equality.

Their first laugh won't be their last

Tuesday 14 July, 2015
Hamish and Andy's new Drive show launched on Sydney Harbour as Andy becomes cannon fodder.

Peter Saxon was there. Took some pics.

It had been so long since I’d been invited to a SCA function I was beginning to think it was something I’d said. So, I was somewhat relieved when the invitation arrived in the email requesting my company at the Hamish and Andy Launch After Party aboard the “Starship,” No. 4, King Street Wharf, Darling Harbour.

Dan and Maz go head to head with Christian lobbyist

Thursday 11 June, 2015
It's the story everyone is talking about today.

Nick Jensen posed with his wife Sarah on the cover of the most recent Canberra City News and stated that “Gay law change may force us to divorce”.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten introduced a bill to establish same-sex marriage rights recently, with the issue to be debated.

Dan and Maz's world record attempt

Thursday 04 June, 2015

To celebrate the Entourage premier today, hit104.1 2DayFM’s Dan & Maz went for a world record of Celebrities/cameo’s on the show this morning. 49 celebs called into the show today…and topping the list was Sloan from Entourage (Emmanuelle Chriqui)!
Britney Spears called in a little late but will appear on the Dan & Maz drive show this afternoon.

Here's the list:

1.     Scott Cam

2.     Danny Clayton


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