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Game Changers: Radio - UK: Preview

Monday 03 October, 2016

Game Changers: Radio with Craig Bruce is back

​Game Changers: Radio is heading to the UK

Friday 23 September, 2016

Season 3 of Game Changers: Radio, a joint production between Craig Bruce Coaching and Bad Producer Productions is heading to the UK.

Season 3 will launch Monday 3 October 2016 and you will be able to hear it first here at radioinfo.

Interviews will feature:

Craig Bruce presents at Next Radio conference

Thursday 22 September, 2016
Former SCA Content Director Craig Bruce has spoken at Next Radio in London.

Next Radio is a radio conference about finding great, creative ideas for radio. 

In his presentation, Craig used insights from his interviews for the Radio Game Changers podcast to demonstrate some of the core skills of great radio presenters.

The Learnings from Hamish, Fifi, Matt, Amanda, Richard and Tony

Monday 08 August, 2016
Craig Bruce wraps up Season Two of Game Changers: Radio.

Featuring lessons from Hamish Blake, Fifi Box, Matt Tilley, Amanda Keller, Richard Stubbs and Tony Martin.

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Going to too much trouble

Wednesday 03 August, 2016

Craig Bruce

There’s nothing more unnerving than when you hear that breakfast show on another station you’re competing against and in the pit of your stomach you can hear very clearly the amount of effort they’re making with their content.

In this week’s episode of Game Changers, Tony Martin talks about "going to too much trouble".

When he’s competing against you, he’s that pain in the arse host who will work all day and all night until he’s got exactly the right outcome for his show.

That’s not fighting fair is it?

Tony Martin is a radio game changer

Monday 01 August, 2016

Talent Coach Craig Bruce talks to top talent, Tony Martin

Richard Stubbs is a Radio Game Changer

Monday 25 July, 2016

Richard Stubbs speaks with Craig Bruce

Game Changer Podcast shortlisted in Publish Awards

Thursday 21 July, 2016

Craig Bruce's Game Changer podcast series, as featured on radioinfo, has been shortlisted for a Publish Award.

Click here to listen to all the past episodes and read Craig's Talent Coach articles.

The series is one of five finalists in the podcast category, up against these other entries:

Fifi Box is a radio game changer

Monday 18 July, 2016

Melbourne's first lady of radio speaks to Craig Bruce.

Amanda Keller is a game changer

Monday 11 July, 2016
Talent Coach, Craig Bruce speaks to WSFM's Amanda Keller.

Amanda's contribution to radio and the community in Sydney has been so good over such a long period that she was awarded an Order of Australia in 2016.
If it’s true that great storytelling is at the heart of radio’s connection to its audience, then it is easy to see why Amanda is recognised as an elite radio performer. She started her career at 2MMM in the late 90s on the Andrew Denton Breakfast Show, and their on-air partnership resulted in a #1 show.


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