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New advertisers coming to radio as others pause their campaigns

Thursday 02 April, 2020

Coronavirus restrictions are hitting most industry sectors hard, but there are other segments of the economy that are well placed to deliver their goods and services during this time of shutdown.

AirCheck now monitors all major DAB+ stations

Tuesday 24 March, 2020

AirCheck has expanded its coverage of digital radio to include all major stations, due to client demand.
The addition of a further 29 DAB+ stations completes AirCheck’s digital radio offering, with advertising data across all DAB+ stations owned by ARN, Nova Entertainment and SCA is now available on the online platform.

2Day plays the widest range of music: AirCheck Survey

Wednesday 30 October, 2019

Over the last four weeks, Nova969 and KIIS1065 had the highest crossover, sharing 26.8% of their playlists according to the latest AirCheck Airplay data, though during this time KIIS played a wider range of tracks while Aussie Tones & I’s ‘Dance Monkey’ was the most played song on the two stations with 392 spins.

AirCheck adds 51 DAB+ stations to their monitoring network

Tuesday 23 July, 2019

AirCheck, the leader in broadcast monitoring, announced today that it will begin monitoring 51 DAB+ stations across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.
Beginning with Perth, 51 DAB+ stations will be added in addition to the 58 FM and AM stations already monitored nationwide. The process is expected to be completed by the end of October.

This brings the total number of radio stations monitored to 109, in addition to 11 Free-To-Air and Music TV channels in Sydney and Brisbane.

How 2GB was dudded by its chosen party

Monday 01 July, 2019

Comment from Peter Saxon

Brisbane and Gold Coast crossovers - AirCheck

Thursday 28 March, 2019

This week AirCheck have analysed the playlists of stations in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, comparing the crossovers and variety of tracks.
In Brisbane, Hit105 and Nova1069 shared the greatest number of tracks, with a crossover of 37.6% during the four week period with 603 songs were shared across the two stations, and Pink’s ‘Walk Me Home’ the most spun track.

AirCheck looks at the crossover tracks in Adelaide and Perth

Wednesday 13 March, 2019

With the release of Survey 1 figures yesterday, AirCheck has analysed the crossovers of Adelaide and Perth radio stations.

In Adelaide Hit107 and Nova919 shared a quarter of their playlists while Hit spun a greater variety of tracks. Ava Max’s ‘Sweet But Psycho’ was played the most over the two CHR stations, heard 460 times during the six week period.

Nova and KIIS Melbourne share the most music

Thursday 07 February, 2019
Comparing the CHR stations, Nova100 and KIIS101 shared the greatest crossover, with 30.8% of tracks played on both stations.

Loud Luxury’s ‘Body’ was the most common track, earning 163 spins in the past two weeks.

A quarter of Nova100’s playlist was spun on 101.9 The Fox, claiming ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ by Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus (pictured) as the top shared track with 189 instances. These spins helped propel the track to No.1 on Aircheck's National Radio Airplay chart last week.

Nova and KIIS Sydney share quarter of playlist: Aircheck

Wednesday 30 January, 2019
As Survey 1 commences, Aircheck has analysed the playlists of Sydney radio stations last week.


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