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​2UE cancels Weekend Breakfast as Fairfax value halves

Monday 14 July, 2014

2UE has made further changes to its line up. This time on weekends, by extending it’s morning and afternoon shifts to six hours. Now George (Moore) and Paul (B. Kidd) will start at 6 am and go through to Noon when they hand over to Tim Webster who’ll now work till 6pm.

Fairfax Radio Network releases latest iPhone apps

Friday 04 July, 2014

Fairfax Radio Network has  launched its latest suite of iPhone apps for Sydney’s 2UE, Melbourne’s 3AW and Magic 1278, Brisbane’s 4BC and Magic 882 and Perth’s 6PR. The app update was pushed out overnight to tablets and smart phones.

Dicko and Sarah out, Bocking replaces Catterns in 2UE changes

Thursday 26 June, 2014

2UE has announced changes to its morning and afternoon programs.

Popular 2UE Weekend Breakfast and Your Business Day presenter Stuart Bocking (pictured) will move back to the weekday Morning show timeslot.

Morning presenter Angela Catterns will move to Afternoons.

Afternoon presenters Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson and Sarah Morice will leave the station.

Changes planned at 2UE

Wednesday 25 June, 2014

At a 2UE  staff meeting yesterday, general manager Chris Parker foreshadowed some changes, which we may be able to reveal on radioinfo as early as tomorrow.

Parker confirmed that he met with news staff on Tuesday, but declined further comment at this time until the changes are ready to be announced.

2UE's Bald Breakfast

Sunday 22 June, 2014

Can this pair sans hair make a dent in the Sydney Breakfast market?

A few weeks ago, we brought you Part One of our lively little chat with John Stanley and Garry Linnell, 2UE’s latest assault on Sydney’s breakfast talk arena. Whether these latest warriors of the airwaves can even land a punch on 2GB’s Alan Jones who occupies the lion’s share of the arena is yet to be seen.

​Has Olympus Fallen or will 3AW bounce back? And is the Today network still number one?

Monday 28 April, 2014

Harsh words apply blow torch to bellies of Fairfax and SCA management. Comment from Peter Saxon.
“Well ‘Olympus Has Fallen’! No real surprise to those who are keen and informed students of surveys and programming,” writes Mike the Influencer in the radioinfo comments section. “3AW has been on the slide for 2 years and everyone has been in denial about it. Funny that would be about the same time a new FRN head honcho came in.”

Fairfax Radio Network appoints Tony Wilkinson as new Sydney Sales Director

Monday 24 February, 2014

Senior media executive Tony Wilkinson is the new Fairfax Radio Sydney Sales Director, working across 2UE and the Fairfax Radio Network.

Fairfax Radio Network announces NAB as first sponsor of 2UE Breakfast

Friday 14 February, 2014

NAB has become the first sponsor of Sydney News Talk station 2UE’s new Breakfast program with John Stanley and Garry Linnell.

NAB’s partnership with 2UE Breakfast consists of live program integration, recorded credits throughout the program and partnership promotional pointers across all programs reinforcing the key NAB Business Banking message of  “NAB -  if you’re ready for more, they’re ready for you” and “NAB - more give less take”.

Schapelle Media Circus

Friday 07 February, 2014

The expected parole of convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has created a media circus in Bali.

It's expected that details of her parole will be confirmed today, and that she could be released from prison sometime over the weekend or on Monday.

There has been a frenzy of media activity outside Kerobokan, with all major Radio, TV and Newspaper networks having people on the ground to cover the story.

One of the networks to cover it is Fairfax Radio Network, with 2UE sending reporter Derek Peterson to Bali to cover her release.


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