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Vale Malcolm T Elliot

Sunday 11 August, 2019
Sydney radio identity Malcolm T Elliot has died.

Triple M Newcastle tops its first survey, ABC 1233 makes solid gains

Friday 23 November, 2018

Triple M Newcastle has topped its first survey after rebadging from KOFM with 13.1%, down by 0.9% in the final GFK Survey for Newcastle this year.

KOFM, for the last time, on top in Newcastle

Friday 17 August, 2018

KOFM still leads the pack in Newcastle in the latest GFK survey.

KOFM retains top spot in Newcastle radio survey

Friday 18 August, 2017

Newcastle Survey 2 has been released.

Top station KOFM was steady at 14.3%, followed by Hit106.9, down 0.1 to 13.0%.

ABC Newcastle was equal second, up 1.4 to 13%., followed by Triple J on 10.7%, 2HD on 8.7% and New FM on 7.3%.

KOFM won breakfast ahead of ABC1233 Newcastle.

Hit won the 10-24 demographics, triple j won 25-39s, KOFM won 40-64s and ABC 1233 won the over 65s.

The survey was conducted for CRA between Sun Mar 19 to Sat Apr 15 & Sun May 14 to Sat Jun 3 & Sun Jun 18 to Sat Jul 8 & Sun Jul 16 to Sat Jul 29, 2017.

Radio station wins the right to claim damages from defamatory talkback caller

Saturday 08 July, 2017

A legal case in Newcastle could result in the first ever instance of a talkback caller being sued for defamation.

2JJJ fights back in first survey for the year in Newcastle

Friday 19 May, 2017

KO FM has retained their number position All People 10+ in the latest GfK survey for Newcastle.

Despite shedding 1.4% from the previous survey, KO FM has a 14.3% share followed by Hit 106.9 with 13.1% and ABC 1233 11.6%.

2JJJ increased All People 10+ with an 11.4% share, just pipped at the post for third position by .2%.

In Breakfast KO FM was again #1 with 16.2%, ABC 1233 followed with 14.7% and 2JJJ with 9.8%.

Meryl Swanson resigns from Caralis Super Network

Friday 13 December, 2013

Meryl Swanson's employment at 2SM/Caralis Super Network was due to expire on the 20th of December, however she notified her employer of her resignation a few days ago.

She has posted an explanation of her resignation on her Facebook account: 

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