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A wee joke to start - Rove and Sam's first day

Monday 09 November, 2015
In case you missed it.

Here's a clip taken just before 8:00 am of Rove and Sam's first day on the job at 2Day FM with their new positioner, Hits & Old Skool.

Hit’s still a hit at 2Day and Fox

Monday 07 September, 2015

Only you can’t hear hit so much

2DayFM’s RnB Friday’s stretches to new heights

Friday 31 July, 2015

2DayFM breakfast hosts Dan & Maz today joined with popular Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor, Lola Berry to host the first RnB Yoga class in Sydney.

2DayFM’s end of the week playlist, ‘RnB Friday’s’, has taken off in social media during the past few weeks and now Dan & Maz have added Yoga to the Friday feature format.
Maz Compton said:

Mel Greig has a new gig: 'Radio not a place I want to return to at the moment'

Thursday 04 June, 2015

Former SCA Hot 30 Countdown host Mel Greig has joined The Kingdom, an Adelaide based digital inbound marketing and content specialist.

Using the HubSpot platform, The Kingdom is an Ad agency with a strong IT bent.
Greig has joined the team as a Content Managing Marketer, Blogger and Podcasting expert. She told radioinfo:

Hitting the reset button

Friday 06 March, 2015

It's a mouthful for announcers to get their tongues around the dual branding that still exists on B105, 2Day and Fox, since the launch of the Hit brand for SCA's Today Network.

"B105 Hit 105.3" is clumsy no matter how carefully you say it, and so is the reversal "Hit 105.3 B105."

But announcers in Brisbane may not have to worry about the dual branding too much longer.

Tim Lee warms 2Day Drive seat for Hamish and Andy

Wednesday 17 December, 2014

Tim Lee will host drive on 2Day FM from January 2015 until Hamish and Andy return to the seat in July, according to a post he made on Facebook.

"As of beginning of January I'm doing drive on 2Day FM, warming the seat for Hamish & Andy until they're back in July! More to come on what happens after that, but pretty excited the Lee-Evans family is giving Sydney a second shot in whats shaping up to be a big year”

Tim is leaving ARN Melbourne where he was working as a 'Digital Content Producer' and is rejoining SCA.

SCA continues reshuffle: Adam Williscroft and Mickey Maher with new SCA roles

Thursday 04 December, 2014

Mickey Maher has been promoted from his role as Content Director at B105 to become the Head of Content at SCA Regional Radio.

Taking his place at B105 is the current Content Director at 2Day FM, Donna Peuchmarin who has previously worked on the B105 breakfast show.

The current Head of Content at SCA Regional Radio, Adam WIlliscroft, will assume the role of Content Director at 2Day FM as Donna leaves.

Hamish and Andy back in Drive, Dan and Maz take over 2Day Breakfast

Wednesday 29 October, 2014
Hamish and Andy will be returning to the Today network's national 4-6pm Drive slot from July 2015.

Until then, Jules Lund will host the national Drive show from January to July 2015.

January 2015 will also see Dan and Maz make the leap into the hot seat of 2Day FM Breakfast. Mike Christian will also move to Sydney with Dan and Maz, continuing as anchor for the show.

Jules, you know everyone's F^@&ed Off

Wednesday 29 October, 2014
In a video send-up of their original 2Day FM breakfast team ad, a leaked video shows the last two reamining members of 2Day's breakfast parodying the original launch ad.

As Jules and Merrick dance their way through Sydney landmarks in animal suits, the dialog goes like this:

"Hey Jules, you know everyone's F---ed off."

"You're kidding. What are we gonna do?"

Then Merrick walks off in his gorilla suit and Jules, in his chicken suit says "keep dancing, keep dancing, we don't wanna look like idiots!"

Mel Greig evidence not required at Saldanha Inquest

Friday 12 September, 2014
radioinfo's London reporter Lorraine Horgan says Mel Greig offered to give evidence at Jachintha Saldanha's inquest, but the offer was not accepted.

The inquest heard that four calls were made to the hospital to check if staff understood the prank call had been recorded for broadcast.

It is not known whether Jachintha Saldahna gave her consent for the call to be broadcast as a result of the four calls.

The Coroner commended Mel Greig for her appearance at the inquest.


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