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Radio advertisers want results. And they want them NOW!
Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson

I was on a zoom call a couple of weeks ago with a very good salesperson. She had emailed me to say that she had been...

06 June 2021

What's in it for your Client?
Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson

Take a few minutes to write down seven facts you know about your station/s. Now take a few minutes and write...

02 May 2021

On The Subject of Unexpectedly Good Service
Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson

I hosted a small group of friends for Easter dinner this year. My parties usually include some sort of a small gift for...

18 April 2021

There are no traffic jams on the Extra Mile

Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson

In my work with sales staffs around the world, I have found the old adage "20% of the sales staffs write 80% of the business" to be true. It doesn't vary much station to station.

05 April 2021

Is Your Sales Staff the Best in Town?

Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson

The challenges of the past year have been more intense than ever before. I hope you may indulge a newsletter that may sound a bit self-serving. I want to talk with you about the need to train your staff and, after all, I am in the sales training and consulting business.

Over the decades in this business, I have continued to be amazed at how many stations relegate...
21 March 2021

Great Service Alert!
Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson
You may have heard something about the unusually cold weather we've been having in the U.S. I live in Tulsa,...
07 March 2021

Sometimes a little "crazy" gets us in the door!
Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson

The lady (below left) isn't suffering from some sort of attack. In fact, she's participating in a well-thought out strategy to get the attention of a reticent client.

Sometimes it takes a bit of crazy! Here's the story:
17 February 2021

Power Prospecting: Keeping our pipelines full
Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson

I was on a call with Rick Murphy, Murphy Broadcasting, last week. The subject was how his group of stations managed to survive and thrive during the lockdowns last year from COVID. I appreciated his "I'm not going to let a little thing like a pandemic prevent my success" attitude. He responded to the challenge by finding new clients, clients that WOULD and SHOULD advertise in...

03 February 2021

Getting Clients Ready for 2021. What we need to do now.
Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson

2020 was a business year like none other we've seen. Nor have our clients. As we move into 2021, it can be a year of recovery for all of us. We can help our clients to recover lost revenue which will help us to recover ours. 

To do so effectively, we need to understand how individual businesses fared during each part of the COVID pandemic.
17 January 2021

How We Say What We Say is Key
 Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson
04 December 2020

People remember stories!
Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson
I bet you were lulled to sleep as a child with a great story told by your parents. Or maybe you now read and tell stories to your children.

As storytellers, we join a long line of people who have received acclaim from their tribes because of their ability to pass down tribal history through stories. They kept legends alive. They inspired new generations. Stories are golden!...

15 November 2020

It's Time To Set Goals for 2021

Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson

How clear is your crystal ball?

2021 is looming. It's time to set goals and expectations for the new year. It's always difficult to gaze into your crystal ball and project the next 12 months. You never know what will happen: take a look at 2020! Who would have ever anticipated the past few months? And yet, we need to establish revenue budgets so that we may create total station budgets....

01 November 2020

Holidays Are Just Around The Corner: Are you Ready?
Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson.

Fourth quarter is underway in the U.S.!

Did you...

18 October 2020

Who is that masked salesperson?

Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson

Every time I park in front of a business and raise my mask to enter, I hearken back to every cops and robbers' movie I've ever seen. A few months ago, businesses had signs on their doors that said, "No one with a mask can come in." Now, no one without a mask may come in.

How times change!

What does having to wear a mask mean to our sales efforts? It...
04 October 2020

Sell Schedules Not Budgets

Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson

"Budgets" often don't allow for effective schedules


20 September 2020

How Many Ads Must I Run?

Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson.

It's the age-old question

"How many ads must I run? How many week/months must my advertising schedule continue?"...

06 September 2020

Know Your Client's Business
It's not about us: It's about them!

Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson.

We've been espousing this sentiment for years. And yet, how much do we really know about our clients' businesses? Not much. Not enough. Especially as we move through 2020.

This year has presented challenges to us and to our clients that were without precedent. Meeting those challenges has become a moving target...
16 August 2020

What are customers ready to do now?

Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson.

Every week that passes sees another change in the mindset of consumers. COVID numbers continue to fluctuate, restrictions vary state to state, province to province, country to country. But stores are opening up, business is slowly returning to normal, and consumers are eager to shop.

SmithGeiger, a marketing and research consultancy, and its Elevate division...
02 August 2020

Doing Business in Two Worlds

Radio Sales Direct with Pat Bryson

What must businesses know moving forward?
19 July 2020


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