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Gregg Easton

CEO at 87.8 UCFM

Gregg Easton began life in Sydney, row E at a rock concert in fact. His father thought they had great seats... until his mother’s water broke. He grew-up to critical acclaim in the role of that annoying child who insisted on being heard, not seen. This later paved the way for a highly successful career behind the microphone in radio. The school years were important to Gregg, who attended a fancy private school, with a really crap uniform. His wide knowledge of sport was first demonstrated there when he successfully ran a book on the Melbourne Cup... while still primary school age. After surviving threats of expulsion and eventually finishing High School, Gregg was forced to endure many late nights and a large consumption of alcohol while attending the Max Rowley Media Academy. He graduated as the top presenter for his year and was the first to be told to apply for a job… as they couldn’t wait to get rid of him. For more than 20 years Gregg has successfully been paid very little by major networks to sit on his arse and run his mouth at radio stations in Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Canberra. For years he's also managed to fool many as a voice-over artist passionately telling others about products he would never buy himself. Recently his case officer at Centrelink suggested it was about time he got a real job! He's now in his final year at the University of Canberra studying for a Bachelor of Journalism, so he can write things about people he doesn’t like. In Gregg’s personal life he is single, although he once lived with a girl for four months... until she discovered he was there. His most recent relationship ended when she had to pick up her husband from prison. He is a fan of sci-fi, loud things, fast things, the Sydney Roosters, regularly attends the gym to watch others work out and is trying to save the planet one recycled can of Coke at a time.

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