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Anthony The Koala
14 May 2018 - 12:40pm
I can see Mr Ahern's point on what is not being measured. If you look at the Gfk ratings for any particular capital city, you'll find that for the particular ratings period, the total audience share in a particular market is not 100%. If you take the Sydney's ratings for example, you will find that the total ratings are between 83% and 86%. It does not explain fully what the 17% to 14% are listening or not listening. It may well be 2SM, community radio, spotify and other radio streaming services. One wonders why some stations survive even if they are not included in the main ratings surveys. It may be that some stations conduct their own research and obtain details that is not available under the main ratings system.

Then we have the DAB ratings. Why aren't the Gfk ratings for DAB presented in the same manner as the ratings for AM and FM stations? That is present two tables one table by age demographic and radio station and the other by day/time of day and radio station. The ratings from the main ratings survey could be combined with the ratings for the DAB equivalent and an overall rating can be computed for each station.

With internet radio stations the measurement of ratings would be easy to do. Remember the attempts before the internet to have specialised receivers which measures how much time a radio or television station has been switched on. There has been a history of ratings measurement technology even involving computers decoding sound samples in order to determine the listened radio station. With the internet, the particular ratings company could include in the particular radio station's stream the time, the duration and who was listening to the radio station. It can be done. A corollary is the browsing on particular websites, you see at the bottom of the browser other websites participating such as doubleclick, facebook, and other sites. You can look at the browser's cookie manager and look that there are sites you never clicked!

Overall the ratings from AM & FM, DAB and its streaming services could be collated over time and a truer ratings figure can be determined.

Anthony of exciting Belfield.
Old ‘Radio Listening’ measurement charts no longer tell the full story
Anthony The Koala
14 May 2018 - 12:08pm
My concern are news items on radio and television which purport to be news but are really PR. For example early in the year, towards the end of the December-January school holidays, Channel 9's news featured a non-story about fulfilling a student's stationery needs before starting school. It was nothing but free publicity for the stationery provider. The talent featured a store manager saying something like "...we have pens....we have notepads....". Do we really need a story since people have shopping for stationery needs before schools?

Then there are interviews on radio which purport to be an issue on the medical need of a patient with a particular life threatening ailment and the government must either legislate to change laws regarding the medication's legal status OR include the medication on the PBS because it it is prohibitively expensive. Instead of promoting the medication, a real-life patient is sent to radio studio to plead for the inclusion of a drug. If it's part of a heavy PR, the patient and or loved one is interviewed over time and it includes the medical practitioner.

There is nothing wrong with putting a vital medical issue in front of the audience, it may well apply to some members of the audience that may be afflicted with a life threatening disease. BUT please, why doesn't the interviewer or commentator make an announcement at the start of the interview or campaigns that "...this segment is organized by the XYZ PR company in the interests of the XXX pharmaceutical company supported by the College of a particular medical speciality"? What is there to be ashamed of the PR company, pharmaceutical company or a particular medical body in making such declaration. It may even add to the credibility of the story.

Thank you,
Anthony of Belfield
Will PR replace Advertising?
John Patkin
14 May 2018 - 10:04am
Fair point, Steve.

Major issues with the concept of a licensed, bricks-and-mortar terrestrial station that broadcasts audio on the Internet remain. Such 'broadcasters' need to be more forthcoming with Internet listening figures, while research companies need to build these metrics into their figures transparently. Organisations representing terrestrial broadcasters risk extinction unless they expand their membership base beyond a handful of companies that are already represented beyond a one-way transmission stick.

***Tangential but still interesting is why are radios (digital and analogue) so expensive in shops that purportedly spend big on radio advertising? Surely, it would be in their best interests to make their advertising accessible?***
Old ‘Radio Listening’ measurement charts no longer tell the full story
Parallax View
14 May 2018 - 12:27am
Scott, I feel your passion but I’m not convinced that the odd media release that smuggles a commercial message into a news bulletin is a serious threat to ad revenues. Public Relations and advertising are different tools in the marketers’ tool box. Like a hammer and a screw driver, both are often needed to complete a job properly. But one can’t be effectively used as a substitute for the other.

PR done right can often provide useful content in return for a “plug.” But a “plug” here and there cannot replace an ad campaign with heavy daily repetition of announcements.
Will PR replace Advertising?
11 May 2018 - 12:05pm
The ABC has been transmitting 12 programs on DAB+ digital radio from a single transmitter in each state mainland capital city for 9 years. They are incessantly promoting their Listen app to listen on mobile phones because they failed to convert to FM in those cities in the 1990s and mobile phones don't receive AM.
They could save the $84 million over 3 years by switching off the 35 high powered, expensive transmitters in those cities. Listeners can buy a DAB+ radio for $24. Just under half of all new cars can receive DAB+.
After all Norway switched to DAB+ for all national programming. The Department of Communications and the ABC need to set a date for a similar switch off for state capital cities.
Unfortunately the coverage area of a DAB+ transmitter is limited to around a 100 km radius, so we need to use DRM for the rest of the country.
ABC Radio 'extremely disappointed' at cuts
Anthony The Koala
11 May 2018 - 8:39am
To the powers that be, please don't touch Radio National ('RN'). In the last two years in Sydney, we have lost a newstalk station 2UE to another talk format, Macquarie Radio Sports (previously Talking Lifestyle). The change in formats of 2UE by MML is a commercial decision. As a consequence the only radio station in Sydney comprehensively talking about news, politics, economics, religion and science is RN. Since MML's rejigging of its 2UE and 2GB formats, I have all my weekend spoken word/newstalk program satisfied by RN. Unfortunately the other alternative talk station 2SM has format uncertainty with some weeks sport talk and other weeks news talk.

For me RN is the real alternative news/economics/religion/politics/science talk on the weekends. What RN needs is a more refined cross promotion of its programs. The promos should not just say, "....you can find us on our podcast section..." The promos should also include when the program is tx'ed on air. For example "Background Briefing is heard on Sundays at 0830 and repeated on Mondays at XX:XXam and is available our podcast section..." RN should also be promoted on ABC-TV. It can be done.

So please leave RN and enhance it as a source of various spoken word programs.

Thank you,
Anthony of Belfield
ABC Radio 'extremely disappointed' at cuts
11 May 2018 - 8:34am
First apart from all the ARN stations on iHeartRadio that is!! SCA integrates with Sonos smart speakers
ex ABC
10 May 2018 - 5:29pm
Michael, all you have to do is take back the millions of dollars stolen from yours and other departments by the news department over the past decade or so and Public Service Broadcasting can continue without any difficulty with the frozen access to the taxpayers' hard-earned dollars. After all, the ABC is, by definition, a "broadcasting" corporation, not the "news organisation" that a former MD used to describe it. ABC Radio 'extremely disappointed' at cuts
Anthony The Koala
9 May 2018 - 9:10am
Two points: Program distribution and caution on wholesale selling of surplus disks.
While I feel sorry for people losing jobs at the at the ABC Adelaide, I hope that they may be deployed elsewhere within the organization. At the same time centralisation of program material began in 1986 with the deployment of the Aussat (now Optus) satellite. What used to be a duplication in each state of the distribution of TV program material is now distributed from Sydney with the appropriate time delays. One would have thought that music and spoken word CDs and LPs would have been digitized and stored in a central database much earlier than today (2018) and that any program maker anywhere would be able to retrieve the relevant file in a lossless format (*.wav, *.flac) for editing.

I don't like the wholesale removal of staff and resources. For staff, I don't like it when any business entity reduces staff numbers then later on recruits for staff to fill similar roles. Look for example at the ABC recruiting new journalists doing roles similar to the 'redundant' staff. It also happens with large accounting and law firms. For resources, be very careful that the library's CDs and LPs are not sold. I would not be surprised if there is material that is unique to Adelaide that if sold would not be added to the central repository of digital material.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield NSW
ABC Adelaide sound library axed as jobs shift to eastern cities
That Darren Guy
5 May 2018 - 7:55am
Hey Guys,
Michael Boggs is the CEO at NZME.
Matt Headland is CCO.

Cheers D.

EDITOR: Thanks, corrected.
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