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9 July 2019 - 11:38am
If ever there was a case for someone having a good manager Chris Smith is it.
Sad really.... to 90% of the audience he sounds like Ray Hadley and the original idea was probably the best.

Steve Price confirmed to replace Chris Smith on 2GB Afternoons
Anthony The Koala
7 July 2019 - 9:03pm
One remark and one question.
If you saw the movie "Vice" about former US VP Mr Richard Cheney, removing any theatrical licence, it was Mr Cheney who advised US President Mr Nixon to drop the requirement that broadcasters discuss both sides of a story. Amongst the other presidential advisers was a younger Mr Roger Ailes. The author of this article postulates that if CNN was 'conservative' then "Fox News" may have taken a "non-conservative" view.

It follows that a broadcaster's particular narrative, whether 'conservative' or 'non-conservative' is constructed in order to fulfil the market for a particular kind of listener/viewer.

Then one has to question whether the presenters at a particular radio network have to take a particular narrative. A hint of this is in Mike Carlton's book "On Air" where Mike Carlton (at 2UE) refused the request by upper management to take a 'right-wing' approach to news. Here is a hypothetical question. Would 2GB employ 'non-conservative'/progressive articulate and intelligent commentators such as David Marr or Van Badham?

There has been a big promotion of the series "The Loudest Voice" on radio. But the issue is that in order to watch the series, one has to subscribe to an IP streaming service in order to view the series. I don't want to subscribe for movies or series that I am not interested.

I would like to know if there will be a dvd release of "The Loudest Voice". I'll be one of the first to buy.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
The Loudest Voice: a lesson in content strategy
Anthony The Koala
5 July 2019 - 4:17pm
Typically, ABC666 (2CN) & RN (846, 2RN formerly 2CY) has approximately triple and double the audience of 2CC at 12%+ and 8%+ respectively. In other markets, RN rates 2%-3%. A typical ratings result for the Canberra market can be found at https://www.gfk.com/en-au/insights/report/radio-audience-measurement-survey-summary-reports/ .

Alan Jones will have an uphill battle to increase the market share of 2CC's audience. Otherwise it will be a first for a Sydney-based broadcaster, Fran Kelly beating the other Sydney-based broadcaster Alan Jones.

Anthony, from exciting and dynamic Belfield

2CC adds Alan Jones for breakfast
Mike Jacobson
5 July 2019 - 2:17pm
At last, Canberra news-talk listeners will have a conservative alternative to the chronically Left ABC. 2CC adds Alan Jones for breakfast
Mike Jacobson
5 July 2019 - 2:15pm
John Brennan has forgotten more about Australian news-talk radio than most 'experts' will ever know.

Adam Lang might turn out to be Macquarie Radio's Raelene Castle.
John Brennan criticises 2GB for dropping Chris Smith
4 July 2019 - 10:06am
Channel 8 in Ipswich? That didn't exist. I think by 1980 Billy J -- who was one of the Good Guys on 4IP, perhaps explaining the Ipswich reference (although the station had long been based in Brisbane) -- was reading sport on Channel 0 (later 10) in Brisbane.
Breakthrough in search for original State of Origin call
Anthony The Koala
3 July 2019 - 5:09am
As at 02-07-2019, I withdraw a remark a little about the SBS TV's relevancy on the idea to merge the ABC and SBS. The reason is due to the launch of a new HD channel 32 "World Movies". Browsing through the electronic program guide, there is a variety of movies from China, India and Europe. It's the kind of programs that were a staple of the early days of SBS tv.

It reflects the diversity of movies from various nations. I would like to see if movies in the future emanate from Africa, South America and the Middle-East.

Although I consume programs on the other SBS channels such as Michael Portillo's train documentaries, I still hold that this program and other English-language-based programs such as "Insight" and "Dateline" could well be on the ABC. I don't see how relevant they are, especially the multicultural aspect of SBS, nor do I see the relevance of ch 33, "Food Channel". NITV could well be on either SBS or the ABC, so leave it alone.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
Could streaming force the ABC and SBS to merge
Neil Docherty
2 July 2019 - 10:20pm
When are these type of man going to stand up and be real men.
Real Men do not intimidate- humiliate or disrespect woman and people in general. There behaviour is a clear indication of insecurity and a huge self inflated ego, under neath it all, they are basically scared and fearful little boys. Be a man and get some help!!
3AW and Crocmedia dump former AFL star for joking about sexual assault
Neil Docherty
2 July 2019 - 5:48pm
Could this be a part of a bigger picture, Chris would do well on breakfast at 2UE if Mcquarie were to relaunch 954. Chris Smith leaves 2GB
Anthony The Koala
2 July 2019 - 5:36pm
Just a few hours ago as at 1626, 02-07-2019, I learnt that Chris Smith has left radio 2GB, https://www.2gb.com/macquarie-radio-statement-regarding-chris-smith/

Regardless of how much he earned and regardless of whether you agreed with him or not, it is sad.

While there is nothing wrong with a change in shift from afternoon to evening, time would have told us whether the ratings would have remained or changed. BUT to lose somebody who was top rating for 60 consecutive surveys and the resulting revenue, it is the worst outcome. Time will tell whether his replacement Steve Price will maintain the ratings.

Arguments saying Steve Price was not successful at breakfast because he was on 2UE and MTR are rubbish. All of 2GB's 'stars' did not rate on MTR. The fill in presenters on Alan Jones' program including Steve Price and Chris Smith have maintained 2GB's breakfast ratings. This is most likely due to the built-in audience expectations of Alan Jones' return from holidays or illness AND the goodwill built by Alan Jones.

Nevertheless both presenters have been highly rating in their own shifts. Time will tell whether Steve Price will be as successful as Chris Smith in the 1200-1500. It's management's decision!

Furthermore, even though Chris Smith has a partner with her own business, it is still a sin to deprive a person who is the breadwinner paying school fees and keeping his family under one roof. Especially a results-producing revenue raising winner such as Chris Smith.

Nevertheless today's outcome of Chris Smith's departure is warped. As I commented elsewhere on this website, Chris Smith is not the first poppy to be cut while still producing the goods, with the resulting dismissal to the detriment of the network: It happened recently with Red Symons (774 ABC = 3LO, ratings 14.8 to 7.1), to more than 40 years ago with the dumping of Gordon Chater and Gwen Plumb (2GB) for a mellow rock format.

In respect to cost cutting while a business is successful, there is nothing wrong in principle with cutting costs. Examples include reducing energy consumption, using technology to improve productivity even reducing subscriptions to goods and/or services which don't affect output, for example 2GB ceasing subscriptions to AAP. Even when Steve Price's 2000-2100 co-host Andrew Bolt departed due to a lower contract offer, ratings did not fall.

Cost cutting may include removing and/or transferring people who don't perform at the given task. But cost cutting does not apply to Chris Smith especially for a ratings winner. The photo in the papers showing a cake in acknowledgement and congratulations for 60 straight ratings wins is lip service.

Ultimately, management sinks or swims by their decisions. There are mixed signals in management decisions when there is a radical change to formats. The radio soapies made way for top 40 in the 1960s and disc jockeys to the success of the networks: 2UE, 2SM and 2UW.

On the other hand 2CH with its highly successful "beautiful music" format in the 1970s and 1980s, with ratings greater than the fm stations, suddenly dropped the format in 1987 (Wesgo takeover) and 2CH has never recovered its 'glory days', even when its DAB signal is technically the best in Sydney at 128kbs.

The same could be said of 2UE's change from "news talk" to "Talking Lifestyle" to sports. Business decisions carry a risk. Just because Australians love their sport does not translate to Australians, or at least Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne listeners to flocking to MSR. Similarly, Australians love to gamble, does not translate to 2KY (Sky Sports Radio) to top ratings.

Thus, "sticking to one's knitting", "if ain't broke don't fix it", "if you're on a good thing stick to it" is a "two-edged sword".

Now that Chris Smith has left, will the ratings in the 1200-1500 shift remain or go down? Time will tell.

Thank you,
Chris Smith leaves 2GB


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