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27 February 2018 - 10:18am
SO no one has thought of the obvious eh.

Where to now for Talking Lifestyle?
Eugene Delargy
26 February 2018 - 4:27pm
SCA is not doing well retaining any of their top line digital staff.

Read with alarming regularity on Radioinfo of people leaving.

Why is it that SCA can't retain their staff here?

Wasn't SCA nominated as one of the best workplaces in recent years?
Chris Derrick to leave SCA
Eugene Delargy
25 February 2018 - 3:30pm
Highly conditional. They will be the FM broadcaster of 7's content in Brisbane.

Plenty of opportunity for ABC and AM commercials within Brisbane and all stations in any other market.

Listening to the ham-fisted throttling of winter olympics coverage, audiences aren't missing out on much.

Many in Brisbane and especially on the Gold Coast won't be the least bit interested, they'll be more frustrated with airport delays, traffic delays and why the public transport is overloaded or non existent.

Be nice to have vision from a government for long term improvements rather than a ten day short term gain.
Nova 106.9 announced official broacaster of 2018 Commonwealth Games
Eugene Delargy
25 February 2018 - 3:16pm
James Findlay is the keystone of the show, fantastic talent.

Wonderful to hear Nat Tencic as host. New to my ears, makes a welcome change from the female last year who carried on in a gatekeeper style, position of female privilege, political correctness pedant.
Nat Tencic to host triple j's The Hook Up
Eugene Delargy
25 February 2018 - 2:16pm
Beyond comprehension that a large business such as SCA provide excuses for higher staff expenses such as Kennedy/Molloy yet see fit to make chief engineer, Steve Adler redundant.

How can a company such as SCA, based on communication lose decades of experience and leadership that Steve has provided? Terrible shame.
SCA posts 21% profit fall
Eugene Delargy
25 February 2018 - 1:38pm
Is the Mandurah market in survey currently? Seem to be reading lots of stories about their promotions of late, good attempts to put their stations top of mind for when locals' phones ring and they're asked what stations they listen to.

The answer of course will be the better resourced Perth stations in the majority. Interestingly, the stations that aren't published publicly in the Mandurah surveys.
97.3 Coast FM is feeling like Oprah
Eugene Delargy
25 February 2018 - 1:36pm
So why ditch decades of brand recognition and other intangibles for regional radio, Blackley explains it here:

"The agency reaction to the change has been wonderful… We have made regional radio more accessible, easier to understand and to buy"

Well there you go, not for the local clients that dominate regional sales or the audiences, SCA did it for metro based agencies who employ people lacking the intelligence to understand the importance of local brands.

Ignore the majority of the stakeholders and pander to a cosy minority, sounds like Australian life all over at the moment.
We have made regional radio easier to understand and buy: SCA’s Grant Blackley
Eugene Delargy
25 February 2018 - 1:27pm
More people over summer are listening, so what do our commercial and national broadcasters do for their audiences? Abandon them and go send their teams on holidays.

There's enough time in survey breaks during the year and school holidays for shows to have a rest when life is more busy.

However, come the Christmas holidays, so many facets of life take a holiday and this is where radio could capitalise. More trial, development programming, keep some headline personalities on air over the Christmas period and so on.

In Melbourne this January, gang violence dominated the news for weeks. ABC Melbourne was anything but with dreary national programming full of schmaltzy summer topics and AW's #1 lineup cleared out the door leaving their producers and substitute presenters to fill their void. They did it well, but so much more could be done with consistency of normal programming over summer.

Regional markets these days often sees local programming cut altogether, a victim of cost cutting and for commercial broadcasters, the local content legislation working against local markets that invest so much in radio.

Whilst radio stations have known for years that more people listen to radio over Christmas and beyond, their cavalier attitude continues. Never mind the audience you're supposed to be catering first and foremost.

Looking at Netflix and other content on demand, it doesn't take a holiday for Christmas and nor should radio.
Summer months bring increase in radio listening
Eugene Delargy
25 February 2018 - 12:47pm
Podcasts are an aural version of a letter to the editor albeit to a much smaller audience.

When podcasts are able to be immediate and provide local information, only then will they rival radio.

Right now, they're a costly decoy for a radio companies who are best advised to keep improving their primary content instead of such trimmings.
Nearly and Placard Media finalise podcast industry merger
Eugene Delargy
25 February 2018 - 12:44pm
Ben 'Dobbo' Dobbin overlooked for this role?

Whilst Sam is a great producer, hopefully this gig will improve his on air skills. Filling in for Luke Bona's talkback show last year was a painful affair.
Sam Hargreaves named 'full time sports guy'


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