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10 August 2019 - 4:27pm
That should be past tense "misled" not present tense "mislead". Labor says the Liberals have misled on ABC funding
Peter Saxon
9 August 2019 - 11:44am
Peter Saxon writes…

I didn’t know him well, personally, but I certainly knew of him.

During his second stint at 2UW (now KIIS 106.5) from 1978–79, I was sales manager at the new born 2WS (without FM). All the executives, including general manager Keith Graham and assistant manager Mike Webb were gathered in the boardroom to see the first presentation from the small research firm that the station had hired to figure out where we sat in the market place.

The firm’s principal introduced himself as Max Stolznow and, Keith, with his wry sense of humour asked him, “what was it before?” The joke went over Max’s head as he pressed on to describe how listeners perceived the various breakfast shows of the time.

He described 2UE’s Gary O’Callaghan as a gentleman, a much loved uncle, who you’d be delighted to have over for breakfast. Malcolm T Elliot, who had shot to a 16.5% share, was described as someone who would sit down at your table grab all the bacon, knock over the jug of juice, swear at your kids and make a pass at your wife.

He was the original “shock-jock” in the true meaning of the term – a style totally unheard of in Australian radio at the time.
Vale Malcolm T Elliot
9 August 2019 - 11:27am
Free up the FM Band by moving Community Radio completely to DAB+ and establish a proper FM band populated by Commercial Stations. DAB+ turns 10 in Australia
9 August 2019 - 4:35am
Correction. Radio listening is actually 36% better in Sweden than in neighbouring Norway. DAB-only is a catastrophe for national commercial radio. DAB+ turns 10 in Australia
9 August 2019 - 3:59am
After 30 years still few countries are on the DAB trail. The unique national FM switch-off in Norway is a fiasco with great losses for the commercial operators and lots of angry listeners. In neighbouring Sweden with a robust FM network and online listening via mobile 4G and fixed broadband radio listening is 20% better than in Norway. Australia should scrap DAB! http://digitalradioinsider.blogspot.com/2019/05/why-dab-will-not-survive-as-platform.html DAB+ turns 10 in Australia
9 August 2019 - 1:48am
So 10 years on, regional centres apart from Darwin, Canberra and Hobart, still don't have digital radio.

That in itself is a worry about the real commitment of the industry to adopt the medium in the way it trumpeted on launch day a whole decade ago.

While the UK and Norway press ahead, others have decided to end their experimental broadcasts. Finland, Singapore are among them. And so has another closer to home.

The reasons are outlines in New Zealand's final report issued earlier this year which compares the progress - and lack of it - in all DAB countries including the Australian experience.

While NZ has (technically) more space available for DAB than Australia, the
document explains why they won't be introducing it any time soon. It's a revealing read.

DAB+ turns 10 in Australia
Anthony The Koala
8 August 2019 - 11:21pm
Four remarks:
(1) According to MRN's data at 2300, 8/8/2019, the return on dividends is earnings/close price * 100 = 0.053/1.745 *100 = 2.43%. Better than term deposits. Source https://www.asx.com.au/asx/share-price-research/company/MRN/statistics/shares
(2) The external uncontrollable factor - revenue. Despite MRN being a market leader, and a market leader means it can charge more for advertising does not translate to getting the maximum revenue. Revenue fell 3.3% ((136351-131843)/136351*100). There must be reasons. The first paragraph does not really explain why businesses have reduced expenditure.
(3) The internal controllable factor - expenses. I have said elsewhere, there is nothing wrong with containing expenses even if the business is viable and profitable. Expenditure was reduced by 3.5% (396/114492*100).
(4) In the 2nd paragraph of the abovementioned CEO's report, the CEO did not elaborate on the nexus between the strategy of audience listenership and leveraging of the audience into a greater financial return. If I tune to an MRN station via the radio (AM or DAB+) or IP streaming, how is leveraging the listener into driving more revenue going to be achieved?

Thank you
Anthony of Belfield
Macquarie Media struggles in a difficult market
Anthony The Koala
8 August 2019 - 5:53pm
DAB+ is certainly the level playing field. While FM stations had the advantage since the auctioning of parts of the FM spectrum 30 years ago, and indeed successful bidders paying exorbitant fees to occupy a certain VHF frequency, it gives the opportunity for AM stations who could not afford to bid to participate in transmitting CD-quality sound.

The DAB+ system is an improvement on the test transmissions conducted in the early 2000s using MP3 streaming instead of HE-AAC streaming. The latter system permits more stations to be broadcast for a given 'fidelity'.

However, while the DAB+ has a superior sound, some of the 'permanent' auxiliary stations associated with the main FM or AM station are transmitting on 32kbs stereo. I don't count Macquarie's NTS which is mainly broadcasting speech in mono. Nevertheless, 32kbs stereo streams have a "metallic sound". The sound is acceptable at rates of 48kbs in stereo. ABC-FM, RN and Metropolitan ABC (in Sydney 702 (2BL)) broadcast at 70kbs. In Sydney the best signal is 2GB and 2CH at 128kbs stereo.

In Australia DAB+ signals are only broadcast on the VHF band. Even though some DAB+-equipped receivers can receive satellite L-band such as the Pure Siesta and radios installed in the Toyota Camry, there are no plans to broadcast in the L-band.

It follows that if rural towns want hi-fidelity broadcasting, rural broadcasters will have to install DAB+ transmitters OR convert to FM. Fortunately the latter FM conversion does not require paying exorbitant
fees as the capital city stations.

Furthermore, it does not appear that there are plans for Digital Radio Mondiale ('DRM') which can take advantage of ionospheric skipping if broadcast on MW and SW bands.

For those successful bidders of FM licences over a 30 year period, I wonder if the $30+ million and $100+ million paid for these licences (for some stations) has been amortized or are they still paying it off?

Anthony of exciting and dynamic Belfield
DAB+ turns 10 in Australia
Howie Bow
8 August 2019 - 2:00pm
They overspent on that cartographer. Macquarie Media struggles in a difficult market
Anthony The Koala
5 August 2019 - 6:53pm
This is about inconsistencies in management applying disciplinary action on presenters who call Members of Parliament liars and inconsistency in management in dismissing presenters for interviewing other presenters from rival stations.

By saying what happened on the Alan Jones program and the late Arch Tambakis does not imply that I agree with what was said. It is to comment on the inconsistency when a presenter makes an 'outrageous' remark to a member of parliament.

In 1989, I was listening to the Arch Tambakis interviewing the then Opposition Leader Mr John Howard, MP. Arch Tambakis responding to Mr Howard's policy said that he was a 'liar'. Within one week of the statement Arch was off air. Whether that was the reason for his dismissal is a moot point.

In contrast in 2013, Alan Jones called the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard "Juliar". I have never heard of any ensuing disciplinary action imposed on Alan Jones.

Yes I do listen to the Alan Jones program on 2GB, but I dislike an inconsistent management's technique. The list is not exhaustive. Another example is the 2GB's the late Sean Flannery dismissed for interviewing 2UE's Alan Jones.

Other radio stations' presenters have interviewed a personality from an arms-length-non-related radio station without consequences for the presenter who conducted the interview.

Anthony, from Belfield, my kind of town.
Alan Jones' first two weeks in radio


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