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Anthony The Koala
9 May 2018 - 9:10am
Two points: Program distribution and caution on wholesale selling of surplus disks.
While I feel sorry for people losing jobs at the at the ABC Adelaide, I hope that they may be deployed elsewhere within the organization. At the same time centralisation of program material began in 1986 with the deployment of the Aussat (now Optus) satellite. What used to be a duplication in each state of the distribution of TV program material is now distributed from Sydney with the appropriate time delays. One would have thought that music and spoken word CDs and LPs would have been digitized and stored in a central database much earlier than today (2018) and that any program maker anywhere would be able to retrieve the relevant file in a lossless format (*.wav, *.flac) for editing.

I don't like the wholesale removal of staff and resources. For staff, I don't like it when any business entity reduces staff numbers then later on recruits for staff to fill similar roles. Look for example at the ABC recruiting new journalists doing roles similar to the 'redundant' staff. It also happens with large accounting and law firms. For resources, be very careful that the library's CDs and LPs are not sold. I would not be surprised if there is material that is unique to Adelaide that if sold would not be added to the central repository of digital material.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield NSW
ABC Adelaide sound library axed as jobs shift to eastern cities
That Darren Guy
5 May 2018 - 7:55am
Hey Guys,
Michael Boggs is the CEO at NZME.
Matt Headland is CCO.

Cheers D.

EDITOR: Thanks, corrected.
New Zealand Survey 1 2018
30 April 2018 - 11:04pm
I often use the slumber music by ABC KIDS radio late at night, to send me to sleep. Digital radio brings tight targeting and happy listeners
30 April 2018 - 4:39pm
Onya Dani - don't forget dealing with telephone callers, calling on wet mornings to say school sport was off! Voiceover artist Dani Bellamy reveals five things she misses about working in radio
MJ The Radio DJ
30 April 2018 - 2:31pm
It's great how DAB is providing opportunities for new innovative DAB stations... overseas! If only ACMA would speed up the DAB roll out and allow new businesses to start stations not just existing broadcasters. Australia needs DAB in more towns and will licenses similar to LPON's. Digital radio brings tight targeting and happy listeners
Anthony The Koala
30 April 2018 - 11:34am
A personality is like a brand for which the personality has a known reputation. Brands have various techniques for monitoring their intellectual property. One technique could well be monitoring Facebook or other social media to find any entity misappropriating the face and reputation of a personality/brand.

To illustrate, there was a company promoting a 'get rich quick scheme' asking people to invest $250 in some investment scheme. The ad featured a homeless person and the slogan was something similar to "....from homeless person to millionaire or Ferrari." Doing a picture google picture search the homeless person happened to be a US voice over artist Ted Williams who was at the time homeless. According to his biography there was no mention of his income being derived by the 'get rich quick scheme'.

Another issue: There are occasions where entities don't have control over advertising. Supermarkets and radio stations. The respective products are 'shop a docket' and the traffic reports. For the 'shop a docket' the entity receives rolls of cash register paper for free because the advertisers pay the 'shop a docket' company for advertising space on the cash register receipts. Similarly there are the traffic reports which radio stations get for free or may be paid by the traffic report provider as it did for one radio network in 2016 and at the same time the traffic report provider would advertise the product for 10 seconds before the end of the traffic report.

I cannot comment on whether the providers of dockets or traffic reports have a protocol or arrangement with supermarkets or radio stations as to the type of products advertised by the 'shop a docket' or traffic report provider. For example would a traffic report sponsored by an aged care facility appeal to listeners in on a radio station targeting youth?

However, the nature of Facebook and other social media involves millions of clicks and the collection and analysis of information from millions of clickers seems to be more automated than the 'shop a docket' or traffic report provider. As a result it would be harder to control the advertising of unsuitable and/or infringing content on the internet. What it means is that if radio stations or even supermarkets rely on a free service in exchange for advertising via the 'free' provider there has to be an agreement on what is suitable for the particular market place.

Thank you,
Anthony from Belfield
Could Radio Lose Control of its Content?
Anthony The Koala
24 April 2018 - 9:56am
Two points:
It is hard to estimate the success of 2UE under the "Macquarie Sttports Radio" ('MSR') since the measurement period included 2UE as a "Talking Lifestyle" format. Time will tell whether MSR succeeds in the long term. For 2UE it's a change from a talk (TL) to another talk format (MSR). For the Brisbane and Melbourne versions of MSR, time will tell. But in the long term I predict no real improvement in the Melbourne and Brisbane markets unless there is heavy promotion by advertising in digital papers , sporting websites and on TV. Word-of-mouth and cross promotion by its newstalk stations 2GB and 3AW may not be efficacious. This is because people have switched off on what were formally music stations.

It's interesting that the overall listening share is 83.6%. Last survey it was about 86%. One has to ask where did the 2.4% go. While I am not privy to other survey data, did the 2.4% go to internet streaming services such as 'spotify' or even 2SM or community radio?

Anthony of exciting Belfield.
Radio ratings: Survey 2 2018
24 April 2018 - 5:17am
I think Kel Richards is the great radio announcer on 2CH and I enjoy his Sunday night radio program. He is one of those experienced radio announcers who is very skilful at what he does. I think sometimes it is forgotten how much listeners enjoy listening to the more experienced broadcasters, they are familiar with. Where is Clive Robertson?

2CH need to be more in touch with their listeners and what they like to listen to. I once sent them a suggestion for their music . They were not very welcoming and said that they have a fixed music format/formula which in the end did not work. Did a lot of 2CH listeners move to Smooth 95.3 FM?
Indira Naidoo joins new 2CH breakfast show
20 April 2018 - 4:08pm
I thoroughly enjoyed the lifestyle radio . No vitriolic anger as presented by the 2GB morning announcer . Enjoyable, positive radio. It was a refreshing change. Well, you’ve lost me as a listener. I’m heading back to FM. Talking Lifestyle dropped for sports format at 2UE
20 April 2018 - 9:49am
Peter, a nice insight into a class act. John is certainly no 'one trick pony'. Another ex 2BE announcer from his early days. I think the Far South Coast environment, not to mention the cheese, brings out your potential ! Enjoyed the interview, thanks. The "unfashionable" John Stanley is never out of style at 2UE


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