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Happy Man
25 November 2017 - 10:09am
I work in the Brisbane CBD but live in Caboolture. I can receive digital radio clearly at work but not at home, so I'm all for increasing the reach so I enjoy it at home, too. Competition is a wonderful thing - people want to listen to their local station if it's worthwhile - I tuned into one of the Sunshine Coast stations recently during breakfast (when everyone is eating, have kids in the car, etc) and they were drinking their own urine. Enough said. Brisbane’s DAB+ Dilemma: the Gold and Sunshine Coasts’ unwelcome visitor
Anthony Eden
22 November 2017 - 9:13pm
TuneIn is an interesting little case study on an old business idea repackaged to see much greater success.

There have been stream directories available since the early days of Real Media, WMS and Shoutcast (remember when encoding was done via WinAmp?). However, these stream directories never gained significant mainstream attention like TuneIn.

What they did is get a good brand name, nice looking website, and some mobile apps. They 'won' in many parts of the world because it was a marginally better experience than the alternatives. The TuneIn website player isn't more compatible than using any other browser-based players. The app's are alright but aren't as functional as you'd expect for someone who could be considered the 'market leader' (most stations don't have metadata, guides, high-res logo's, etc.).
Is it time for radio to tune out of TuneIn?
DJ Macca
22 November 2017 - 9:09am
With digital radio covering way less than 66% of the Australian population (15.3 million) capital city population, the remaining 34% (8.1 million) of those who live outside have limited access to digital radio of any sort.

Setting up new/additional DAB+ transmitters for small audiences is an expen$ive option and I could consider this to be a large waste of anyones money in the current era of online streaming services.

What is needed is a long term approach to making these services available to all Australians even where radio and digital signals are generally unavailable using existing and future infrastructure builds.

Options to give Digital Radio access to all Australians need to include options like:
unmetered streaming access on mobile networks; and
unmetered streaming access on all NBN services for Digital Radio stations.

Perhaps then we could have DAB+ services available to nearly everyone across Australia without having to wait for decade long trials to continue using existing frequency bands already in use.

Please feel free to contact me for even more options.....@_DJMacca
With Canberra, Darwin DAB+ trials complete, applications open for licences
DJ Macca
22 November 2017 - 8:47am
Interesting article but it fails to note that many people listen to their favourite stations/genres while outside a car or without a connected environment.

A major issue with the apps mentioned is that generally only commercial radio and the major national ABC/SBS stations are available. So those wanting to listen locally to community based radio stations are not being connected.

Perhaps that is why some stations are now making their own apps so that they can "keep" their audience but only when listening to their dedicated apps.

There is certainly a need for aggregator apps when the above is taken into consideration.
Is it time for radio to tune out of TuneIn?
Eugene Delargy
22 November 2017 - 1:30am
Again, no progress for the Gold Coast, Australia's largest non capital city market.


Brisbane licensees and Gold Coast licensees are battling it out over the signal towards each others market and the timing of such implementation. Caralis and Jowitt throw their two cents in from the cheap seats.

Further complication is that the ABC rightfully want an unrestricted radiation patter on 9C from Mt Coot-tha.

So they should too. ABC Brisbane simulcast on 9C transmits at 50 kW on AM 612, ten times greater than Brisbane commercial stations with coverage from Bundaberg to Grafton and Goondiwindi.

JJJ and Classic FM have an FM ERP of 96 kW, ~9 dB greater than non national Brisbane FM broadcasters.

On DAB+ all the ABC stations are limited to a lower powered output in line with the commercial stations.

To the Gold Coast, ACMA's arbitrary regional limit of 5 kW is woefully inadequate for the challenging terrain of the broadcast area. The suggestion of multiple sites matching the DTV sites is costly and unnecessary madness. In a region that suffers natural disasters, higher probability of no access to far flung sites and it makes sense to consolidate redundancy to as few sites as possible.

Sadly, the Gold Coast has missed the boat on getting services to air for the Commonwealth Games, however the pre Christmas 2016 release of discussion paper was too late as it was.
With Canberra, Darwin DAB+ trials complete, applications open for licences
15 November 2017 - 8:26am
Advertisers don't care about 'on-line engagement' ... they care about ratings where their message will be. And if you have less than 3%, who cares how much 'engagement' you have.
I'm not a Kyle fan, but this female's taste in what makes good radio really is the bottom of the barrel ... and we thought Kyle was tasteless enough.
Fact is, breakfast radio in Sydney is pretty pathetic.
But putting this woman on air anywhere is a disgrace.
Survey results escalate Em Rusciano-Kyle Sandilands feud
13 November 2017 - 9:46am
Enjoyed listening to John at 2GO growing up on the Central Coast in the 70's. Great broadcaster and an impressive career. John Kerr’s 60 year journey through radio
10 November 2017 - 8:25pm
Thank God!! No more of those Country Hobbos playing those uneducated Country Music Tracks from Try Hards!! I would love to be a presenter on the new system. You could not do it before because the Country And Western people were in charge!! Thank God the ACMA acted on that dud bunch that were there all those years!! Yi Hah!!! Hawkesbury Gold begins temporary broadcasts
Jim Mortimer
6 November 2017 - 10:37am
Great article, Des. It's awesome to hear your wisdom! I agree with the comment from Ceejay that broadcasting was previously run with a little more TLC by people with their hearts in broadcasting. But technology has also produced the false sense of security, as you mentioned, and requires us to all risk-assess beyond the horizon. A classic example was the SA Statewide Blackout on 29.9.16 from about 3.45pm. One major network was off the air in Adelaide for a considerable time due to the the most basic redundancy failure - TX backup power switchover. Their competitors helped them get back on air, because with traffic gridlocked it would have been hours before a tech could get there. We all need to remind ourselves to risk-assess. Don't assume. Whether the Ash Wednesday bushfires (for which I'm told Des was in a perilous situation in a transmitter at Adelaide's Mt Lofty) or cyclones or floods, we need a working backup plan, and wise heads in management to a supply the funds. Going off the air is bad enough, but going off the air when the community is turning to you for information is an own-goal that many have seen and nobody wants. The Elephant in the room is a time bomb: Des DeCean
5 November 2017 - 5:45pm
The difference is that, in the 20th century, broadcasting was run by BROADCASTERS who believed in "quality". In the 21st century it's run by salesmen and accountants who believe in "the bottom line". The Elephant in the room is a time bomb: Des DeCean


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