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Diana Da Silva
8 June 2018 - 7:20am
My previous background was a sales and marketing consultant for basically all kinds of businesses for over 10 years. I probably worked with over a 100 clients and NOT ONE of them had a clean CRM! Yes, salespeople tended to be the leaders in inputting bad data (if at all), it's the leaders who are responsible for all of those points you mentioned. There are sooooo many great uses for a CRM full of clean data and this could even lead to increased sales. Yes, it's can be a tedious task to do a clean up manually but there are lots of tools out there can help. Become informed and choose what's best for your company. How to Supercharge your Sales Process and CRM
7 June 2018 - 7:34am
I can't see any reason for any radio station to remain on the AM band. Can anyone suggest a reason why to stay on it? FM switch proposed for Northern Tasmania key regions
Anthony The Koala
5 June 2018 - 2:49pm
I wish to make a comment on the new talking sport format:
Despite a near 50% reduction ((3.5-1.9)/3.5*100=47%) in the Sydney audience for 2UE's transition from a talking lifestyle to a talking sport, it remains the market leader by 270% (1.9/0.7) compared to 2KY. I am not privy to the weekend ratings for Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings in order to compare the other entrants to the sporting market, 2SM and MMM so cannot comment.

Melbourne's SEN is the market leader on 3.4 compared to talking sport's 0.4.

An advantage of DAB broadcasting is the concept of pop-up or trial radio. In Perth, talking sport rates a cumulative audience of 2 compared to ABC Grandstand's 17. Based on one survey, a more permanent fixture would not be economically effective.

In the Melbourne and Brisbane markets, the audience did not change on 0.4 and 0.5 respectively. However, when it was a talking lifestyle format, MML as reported earlier reviewed the format and changed. It appears that if the audience does not improve, the talking sport format will be reviewed.

Both talking lifestyle and talking sport formats are labour-intensive. The relationship between risk and reward is that the bolder the move the higher the payoff. If the audience does not increase, the payoff may not be there.

But then, what have MML done to promote awareness of the new sporting talk format apart from the cross promotion by its sibling stations 2GB, 3AW and 4BC?

While the result is for one survey only, it would take another one or at most two surveys to determine whether the talking sport format works. Recall under the talking lifestyle format, the return was only 7% of overall revenue (based on the financial report).

If at worst the stations revert to music, don't go for that hackneyed oldies/golden memories/classic hits formats. There is nothing inherently wrong with the music, but realise there are already stations in Sydney alone broadcasting the classic hits format: 2CH, Smooth, 2WS, MMM-classic, Fun, 80s, 90s, Zoo.

Anthony of exciting Belfield
Survey 3 results posted at 9:30 this morning
Des DeCean
1 June 2018 - 4:39pm
I like so many, was stunned a few days ago to learn of the sudden passing of Mark Downes.
I first met Mark when Austereo appointed him to become my replacement at Austereo as I was approaching retirement. Mark embraced radio and the Austereo culture from day 1 and quickly started introducing systems and changes from the extensive knowledge he had gathered working in television prior to joining Austereo.
Mark was a people person. A great communicator and a carer and nurturer of all on his team.
Mark later moved on from Austereo and ultimately finished up as Chief Technology Officer at Nova Entertainment. The many comments that have been posted in the last few days are a testament to the warm and supportive relationships that he built with all fellow work colleagues.
The loss of Mark and his leadership and team building skills will be sadly missed by all who have known him. My heartfelt condolences go out to Marks wife and children
Des DeCean
Mark Downes, NOVA Chief Technology Officer, has passed away
Anthony The Koala
1 June 2018 - 4:31pm
Budget cuts to the ABC are not new. It happened in the 1976-1977 budget where Mr Fraser's government froze funding to the organization. The ABC still survived and will survive.

Consider the financial period 1976-1977 and beyond to the mid 1980s, a lot of ABC TV programming in the mid-morning and afternoons consisted of broadcasting the Philips PM5544 test-pattern with music.Today we seem to be doing more with less.

I've said elsewhere leave Radio National ('RN') alone. The rumour listed above on the possible merger of Radio National and NewsRadio is very vague. Some of NewsRadio's programs are replays of RN's. Does it mean close the NewsRadio frequency and 'lump' it onto RN's programming or vice-versa?

The ABC is broadcasting more content via extra TV channels, 22, 23, 24, extra radio DAB channels, Jazz, Country, Grandstand, 'Extra'/'Kids'. It also has a web-streaming presence not even contemplated in 1976-1977.

Some cuts to consider:
Do we need channels 22 and 23 where the non-evening services are similar? Perhaps amalgamate some of the digital tv services to save costs and put ABC-classic fm on digital-only (DAB) but with a high data rate. With the latter, the ABC could save money and reduce CO2 emissions by eliminating the VHF transmissions of ABC-fm.

Speaking of reducing CO2 emissions, why do the ABC metropolitan radio stations need 50kW transmissions when other stations seem to do well on 5kW transmitters. Some savings there in energy costs. Even ABC transmitters in the rural areas are broadcasting 50kW , the other stations seem to survive running on 2kW and 5kW.

The hierarchical nature of a public service organization:
When there are talks of cuts to ABC services, it seems that the programming output gets the greater proportion of the cuts than the rest of the organization. My academic guess is the real costs are due to the hierarchical nature of a public-service type organization.

During the industrial dispute of the early 1990s, someone I knew working at the ABC then said " the the number of managers have increased at the expense of people doing the work." To put it another way, change the nature of the hierarchical structures. Give the worker more autonomy, pay them a little more and flatten the hierarchy and leave the managers to organize the rosters.

In sum, the ABC when facing costs, could look at amalgamating channels 22 and 23, moving ABC-classic to DAB only, reduce the transmissions costs and reduce CO2 by reducing transmitting power and flatten the hierarchy.

I would rather have that than calls by News Ltd's media outlets to eliminate the ABC because it against News Ltd's interests. Those calls have been around for decades.

Anthony of Belfield
Closures and mergers rumoured to be under consideration at ABC
1 June 2018 - 10:32am
A travesty. What the hell is wrong with SCA to let this go? Note everything is about monetizing. SCA-backed Kinderling Kids Radio partners with ARN
ex ABC
30 May 2018 - 4:01pm
Oh dear, another outlet that don't know the difference between "cuts" and "freeze". You'll be saying the ABC only costs 4 cents a day next (do the math!) Closures and mergers rumoured to be under consideration at ABC
23 May 2018 - 11:08am
thanks for the post Peter Mr Stanley a true professional survivor from the Jim Angel/ Lloyd Jones/Colin Bridge/ Glenn Roach era of radio news...bloody legend The "unfashionable" John Stanley is never out of style at 2UE
18 May 2018 - 9:48am
4ZZZ are one of seven metropolitan licensed community radio stations in Brisbane who collectively have access to 2/9ths of the multiplexes they share with commercial broadcasters due to Government legislation. With two multiplexes in Brisbane it means seven community broadcasters share the equivalent of four commercial entitlements. Each entitlement being 256 kbps means four stations can broadcast with 64 kbps each and three stations can broadcast 85 kbps (because services cannot be split across multiplexes). So 4ZZZ or any other community radio couldn't possibly offer a simulcast service on top of a new service without compromising audio quality and the text and image services DAB+ provides opportunities for.

As a community broadcaster 4ZZZ have a remit to broadcast for and by the community. By establishing a different service (ZedDigital) on DAB+ 4ZZZ are providing more opportunities for their community to have a voice in the media. Yes, this isn't the best business practice, but it is best outcome for the community they serve.
Richter RR10 - a portable DAB+ radio with an Aussie touch
Des DeCean
18 May 2018 - 9:37am
Sounds like a great little radio James and the choice of a whip antenna is useful as its not always convenient to have buds or headphones plugged in. A word of warning tho - if considering taking the radio to a live sporting event, you will need to listen to any commentary on FM not DAB+ as the up to 20 second latency with DAB+ will put you behind the game - not at the game! Richter RR10 - a portable DAB+ radio with an Aussie touch


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