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Anthony The Koala
20 March 2018 - 8:01pm
I can imagine non-linear radio as one is able to select a song at random from a list of songs in an itunes store or cd or even moving the tonearm of a turntable to another song.

A broadcaster whether terrestrial radio or IP being able to provide non-linear programming allowing the consumer to skip songs would require the transmitter to regularly send its contents including song tracks, commercials and announcements in advance. It would also require the receiver to be equipped with a lot of memory in order for the consumer to randomly select the contents.

One wonders if a broadcaster with a high-rotation music format would be happy. The consumer skips the tracks then presses play. Then the consumer remarks "....hey I heard this song an hour ago....I'll change stations..."

Anthony of Belfield
Kids don’t understand linear broadcasting, it’s too weird #RDE18
20 March 2018 - 12:52pm
The reception is not as great as these executives infer.
http://reception.abc.net.au/Reception.aspx shows most of the coverage is out to sea. The transmitter channel is surrounded by those for TV. https://myswitch.digitalready.gov.au/ shows a much more detailed coverage map. TV is 2.5 times more powerful and the receiving antenna can be up to 10 m above the ground for reception. The mountainous terrain of Tasmania blocks reception which is why there is many TV translators. DAB+ will need repeaters on each site. An alternative is Digital Radio Mondiale (www.drm.org) which operates at much lower frequencies which are unaffected by the terrain, allowing continuous reception when driving cars anywhere in Tasmania. Each DRM+ transmitter can cover much larger areas than DAB+ and can carry 3 audio programs and there are 178 transmission channels compared to the 8 available for DAB+.
DRM30 is also available which uses the AM and High Frequency (Short Wave).
ABC and SBS launch DAB+ services in Hobart
19 March 2018 - 5:26pm
I think you're right about sport lifting the former Talking Lifestyle, Brad Smart. I can't see the demand for it in Brisbane. 20 years ago, 4BH had not long abandoned a disastrous (and short) foray into talk, before being bought and returned to easy music, with lots of TV advertising. Within a short time, it was threatening ARN's 4KQ and was bought by them. Back to music, Macquarie.. Macquarie’s Lifestyle Dilemma: Once More unto the Breach
Eugene Delargy
19 March 2018 - 1:38pm
Ridiculous. Crocmedia simply looking for a reason to dump Jo Hall.

Simply another traffic offence, Plenty of people drive undetected daily on mind altering substances much worse than the amount Jo had consumed.

Good on Channel 9 for rightly backing her.
Crocmedia dumps Jo Hall after drink driving charge
Eugene Delargy
19 March 2018 - 1:33pm
Good on Whippy. Versatile broadcaster. True talent. Industry survivor and 'thriver'. How could this man save ARN millions of dollars?
Eugene Delargy
19 March 2018 - 12:20pm
Brad, no need to hope you're wrong. You and most of us know you're spot on.

The success of MRN rests only on the performance of a few key presenters being on air at GB and AW. The management have no vision how to enhance the business from this.

$10M for external marketing is not going to happen.

3AW and 2GB survive with no significant marketing campaigns. It's largely left to their personalities to generate news and controversy.

In Brisbane, there were a few token billboards for Hadley and Jones when 90% of the local staff were sacked. No cut through, no sustained effort. Ratings reflect this, making only a modest profit simply because the staff cost has been removed. David McDonald as Brisbane GM thankfully organised TVCs and other marketing.

Glad you mention the ten percent of jobs that could be lost.

In Brisbane, the decimation of 4BC/4BH represents 25% of the stations.

6IX in Perth operates a basic format, leveraged across Canberra and Perth. The ratings aren't great, nor is the vision, but at least it's local. It also shows that underinvestment in metro radio leads to poor shares.

The media investors must be rubbing their hands together with glee, they know when 4BH and 1278 Melbourne will be likely available for purchase. In Brisbane at least, the opportunities are large, huge gaps in music formats and local talkback.
Macquarie’s Lifestyle Dilemma: Once More unto the Breach
Anthony The Koala
19 March 2018 - 12:04pm
As I have mentioned elsewhere, Mr Smart put very succinctly that the new format with will be labour-intensive. The risk is high and the rewards are high. The Sporttalk TM App 1910951 (as an example) format could work in Sydney because it is another talk format. The "Magic" branded stations have been recognised by the public as music stations, the ratings drop significantly. It took a lot of time and money for a former music format to talk format to music format to talk (sport) format for 3AK to even rate a 3.

Given the talent will embrace Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, what kind of sports will be discussed apart from Rugby League. While Macquarie does an excellent coverage of its Rugby League broadcasts, what other sports will be in the format and what is the market/demand for such coverage.

Let's not forget the the audience share may be affected by new entrants. Time will tell whether the Sporttalk TM format will outdo new entrants such as Crocmedia. The stakes are high.

However, if 4BH and 3EE were to revert to an automated music format, do something different to the hackneyed "hits and memories"/"golden oldies" or its variant. The market is saturated with these stations on AM, FM and DAB.

Anthony of Belfield
Macquarie’s Lifestyle Dilemma: Once More unto the Breach
19 March 2018 - 7:57am
Might work in Melbourne, wont in Brisbane : totally different appetite for sport. Hard to fine significant enthusiasm in Qld for anything more than Rugby League and Surfing.
Time to sell 4BH, again?
Macquarie’s Lifestyle Dilemma: Once More unto the Breach
Anthony The Koala
12 March 2018 - 4:20pm
In the 1980s, Sydney radio stations 2GB and 2UE (independent entities then) ran half hour news bulletins at midday. 2GB also had a 1700 half hour news bulletin and at 2200 a 10 minute news bulletin.
With newsrooms being consolidated in the last 25 years, why have these half hour bulletins disappeared?
Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
Launch of 'News Time: A Life in Radio'
8 March 2018 - 8:36pm
I would like to express my displeasure at the reference to Matthew Lodge given by Ben Fordham this afternoon. His introduction to the topic was “tonight a convicted criminal will take the field against St George” or words to that effect.

While he has been convicted of a crime in the US it does appear that he has reformed otherwise he would not have been given a second chance.

I used to listen to Ben everyday but regularly find myself turning the radio off when he comes on air. He is self righteous and extremely opinionated and will not entertain anyone who might have a different point of view.

I thought that 2gb was fair and reasonable in their talk back but this guy is so full of himself he can’t be objective of anything. From today, my radio goes off at 3pm.


ED: Last name withheld
Did Ben Fordham avoid Wippa's call?


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