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Tim Williams
26 November 2019 - 8:43am
With the appointments of Tom Malone and Greg Byrnes, will Macquarie Media be overturning the defamation insurance decision that led to George Moore not renewing his contract with 2GB?
Of all the presenters on this station, based on his history of more than forty years on air, George Moore would have to be one of the least likely to attract legal action for defamation. And his consistently high weekend mornings ratings (with Paul B. Kidd) surely demand that he be retained if at all possible.
An opportunity for the new leadership team at Macquarie Media to make an immediate impact.
Greg Byrnes joins Macquarie Media
Eugene Delargy
25 November 2019 - 3:38pm
Great articles as always Stephen.

You suggest a few 'smart questions' to drill down to uncover why a client may wish to delay committing, could you please follow up with an article on what the best 'smart questions' are?
Have You Heard the “Christmas Objection” Yet?
Anthony The Koala
22 November 2019 - 3:27pm
Given that BOG's "Dance" and "Gorilla" don't participate in the ratings, how would the Hit Dance station make a valid comparison as whether it is a market leader or not. Let's not forget Edge which has a hint of "dance".

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
Hit Dance lands on DAB radio
Anthony The Koala
22 November 2019 - 3:24pm
I still have a problem with the "refresh and renewal" every 10 years. If the former presenters have been able to obtain employment within the ABC that's fine.

Nevertheless, in the name of "refresh and renew" every 10 years, there is nothing in the anti-discrimination laws that exempt JJJ presenters or any other kind of supposed 'youth-oriented' entity. No contract term can override the statute.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
Zan Rowe's triple j tweet stirs debate about the youth broadcaster
Anthony The Koala
19 November 2019 - 5:34pm
Dear Long Time Listener,
I hope you've read my response fully especially the first paragraph, that today's JJJ presenters are either metropolitan or RN presenters or go to other aspects of the ABC. For example the late Chris Winter went to local radio and helped the establishment of ABC2.

What have Myf Warhurst, Zan Rowe, Lindsay MacDougall, Marc Fennell and Simon Marnie have in common? They're not on JJJ anymore! JJ is for "older listeners" as in Zan Rowe's situation and the others have gone either to other parts of the ABC such as a metropolitan station as in Myf Warhurst, and Simon Marnie or RN as in Marc Fennell who is also seen on SBS. I also count Wollongong as a metropolitan/regional market where Lindsay MacDougall is presenting.

Therefore my observations over a long period are correct that today's JJJ presenters are tomorrow's ABC metropolitan/regional or RN or other aspects of the ABC or in other media as in Catriona Rowntree. Let's not forget Holger Brockmann who went from JJJ to commercial radio and back to ABC. News Radio.

Why they JJJ presenters don't last longer does raise another question. Did they leave on their own accord to go other places or if they had the capability to present for a youth-oriented station, were they discriminated against based on age.

I hate to be starting off at JJJ in my early 20s thinking one had a job for a long time then reach the age of 35. Would I be 'kicked out' or contract is not renewed because of age?

That is the question.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
Linda Marigliano and Gen Fricker are the latest to leave triple j
Long Time Listener
19 November 2019 - 3:46pm
Not sure I agree Anthony The Koala...

Myf Warhurst does national Local Radio afternoons
Zan Rowe does Mornings on Double J
Lindsay MacDougall does Local Radio in Wollongong
Marc Fennell on RN does Download this Show
Simon Marnie does Sydney Weekend Mornings

Quite a few more out there, but that's just off the top of my head.
Linda Marigliano and Gen Fricker are the latest to leave triple j
Anthony The Koala
19 November 2019 - 1:37pm
Here is a general observation of former JJJ presenters and a remark.

Generally, today's JJJ presenters are tomorrow's metropolitan ABC (examples 702 ABC (2BL), 774 ABC (3LO), 666 ABC(2CN)) or RN presenters. Some are recruited to other aspects of the ABC or go to other stations. Some are leave the media and take a new direction.

I have noticed that there are no JJJ presenters from the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. If the presenters can do their work and are up-to-date in youth issues, one wonders if a JJJ presenter's contract is not renewed on the basis of age, and if so, isn't there a case for age discrimination, section 18, Age Discrimination Act (Cth), no 41, https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2019C00132 .The legal proviso is that the Act came in force from 2004.

Nevertheless, even though the Act came in force in 2004, it is still unfair for those presenters who left JJJ because of age.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield

Linda Marigliano and Gen Fricker are the latest to leave triple j
Anthony The Koala
19 November 2019 - 1:12pm
Generally, it is an inevitability when business entities are amalgamated, that any 'replicated' roles are consolidated resulting in the loss of jobs.

Unfortunately during wholesale redundancies, valuable staff who could be retained are dismissed. It is not only in the radio industry. A management recruiter told me the example that in the financial services industry, that those dismissed "valuable" staff were recruited back to the employer, occasionally on a higher salary.

The recruitment 'back' of Mr Beers to 3AW is no exception. There is no information in the stories on whether this is a permanent or temporary recruitment 'back'.

It shows that the "baby", in this case the valuable operations manager, "is thrown with the bathwater", those who were made redundant during the consolidation process.

I cannot comment of the recent redundancy of Mr Hill from 6PR as I don't know enough about his case.

Thank you,
Anthony from suburb that once had the largest private telescope in the Southern Hemisphere, Belfield
Beers returns to 3AW as Nine performs an about face
Anthony The Koala
15 November 2019 - 9:10am
Elf Radio has been on air since early October!

Also Hope 103.2's Christmas pop-up DAB+ channel is also on the air. Based on listening experience, this station was on air for about another month after Christmas, going off air in February.

Thank you,
Anthony, from downtown Belfield
Elf Radio is back and gets a helping hand from Alexa
13 November 2019 - 9:04am
Simply put SCA have no answers and therefore it's easier to run a music breakfast show. Has SCA given up on 2Day FM?


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