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25 March 2020 - 7:52am
“This mood targeting product gives advertisers the opportunity to target with contextual relevance as well as apply best practice creative scenarios to each. The Studio at SCA and SoundVibes’ creative treatment ensures messaging is on point for the listening occasion and able to deliver optimum attention and engagement.”

WTF does this mean? We are supposed to be in the communications business!
SCA launches mood targeting and interactive shakeable audio ads
Anthony The Koala
25 March 2020 - 4:56am
When it comes to ratings of radio stations, in recent years, the total proportion of radio stations participating in the survey, for example in Sydney participation in the ratings survey has been between 86% and 87%. In the 1970s, that would be typically 98%.

So could the growth of non-participants from 1.5% (in the 1970s) to 13%-14% in the ratings be explained by community radio and the BOG (for example 2SM) alone?

NOTE: I call on higher authorities to explain whether podcasts and streaming services such as Spotify contribute to the 13%-14% of non-participants to the ratings service.

Then, discussed on this site is that one of the threats to radio station's terrestrial and its IP streaming services are IP services such as Spotify with customised playlists. To illustrate some car infotainment systems integrate IP streaming services and VOD. Recently on this site, Tesla's infotainment system have decided to remove AM and FM services.

When it comes to podcasts there are hundreds and thousands of these podcasts and not all podcasts necessarily will continue, especially by small time producers unless they are supported by other organisations or entities promoting these podcasts such as News Corp, Nine Media and the ABC. Note that I have already made a comment on the support of podcasts on this site.

When it comes to covid-19 podcasts, it raises the issue I have raised elsewhere on this site. Given that anyone with a microphone and sound card can produce a podcast, how do you know the credibility of the podcast's content?

We could certainly trust the ABC's Dr Norman Swan's podcast on the COVID-19 at https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/coronacast/. However, how do we know the credibility of other podcasts? There there may well be some snake-oil merchants selling non-evidence-based potions or the podcast maker having some axe to grind conspiracy theory.

Unless the podcast's content about medical issue is evidence-based and not some crackpot, I'd stick to credible sources such as the ABC.

As a result in these trying times, it is best to stick to our ABC or other authority associated with evidenced-based colleges and professional bodies.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
Is radio about to get its biggest reality check?
Mike Jacobson
24 March 2020 - 2:53am
Unless you've ever written an opinion piece praising Alan Jones, which seems unlikely, a disclaimer to that effect would at least warn readers of your bias. Alan Jones continues to send wrong message about COVID-19
Anthony The Koala
23 March 2020 - 4:05pm
Dear author,
I would like to comment on the reporting of comparing the incidents of COVID-19 by commentators and the media's reporting on the triaging procedures by intensive care specialists.

First, I do listen to Alan Jones. I found another flaw in Alan's comparison of COVID-19 and other influenza-type infections. True, more people have passed away from other influenza-type infections. But that is at the moment as at 23-03-2019.

Whether the COVID-19 infections arise from recent arrivals from risky areas around the world or by spreading through the community, the spread of infection is occurring exponentially with incidence of infections today is greater than the previous day's reports of infections.

People with other influenza-type infections may well be immune from other influenza-type infections when people move as a herd or crowd.Immunity from other influenza-type infections may be by individual humans being resistant due to previous infections OR by having influenza injections.

However, such a broad community/herd immunity from COVID-19 does not exist. The result is that Federal and State medical authorities advising our Prime Minister and Premious have implemented measures such as self-quarantine, keeping a safe 1.5m distance from other people and keeping a 4m-squared isolation in enclosed structures. Today, 23-03-2020, the Premiers have announced various businesses and religous institutions with enclosed structures to close. This is to reduce the chance of the spread of infection. Otherwise, if such measures are carried out too late, it may well be like the situation in Italy. Time will tell.

Second, the reporting on intensive care triaging has been sensational. On the 16th March 2020, the "Sunrise" program's news highlights on the hour and half hour broadcast a graphic of an extract of a section of a 'triaging' procedure by the ANZICS ('Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Specialists'), a specialist college for professionals in Intensive Care. The reporter said that the ANZICS will apply Italian-style triaging of patients by not treating patients over a certain age and letting them die.

These repeated reports on the "Sunrise" program resulted in me being in distress because I am caring a person who is not a "spring chicken" and if that person is infected she would not be treated and fobbed off to die.

I wrote to both "Sunrise" and ANZICS. "Sunrise" never replied but the CEO of the ANZICS replied "...Nowhere in our guidelines to the intensive care workforce, does it say there will be any triaging of patients along the lines purported by Sunrise. A journalist (with no medical background has drawn inappropriate conclusions to generate a sensationalist story)...", that this reply"....allays any concerns that you may have after seeing this ‘story’ on sunrise..."

In both situations the application of statistics without background information on immunity and the practice of news broadcasters sensationalizing stories should stop.

Thank you,
Anthony of Belfield
Alan Jones continues to send wrong message about COVID-19
Anthony Bollea
21 March 2020 - 9:42pm
This bloke got photos of someone or something? Matt de Groot adds Wide World Of Sports commentator to his busy schedule
19 March 2020 - 12:04pm
While pantyhose do work as a low cost make shift pop filter to lessen air hitting the mic when you say plosive sounds such as 'P,' there is no evidence to suggest that they could help filter out the virus. See a discussion about it here https://technorama.org.au/?p=3571.

We have added mention of this to the article above.
Tips for securing studios and ensuring business continuity during Coronavirus
19 March 2020 - 12:02pm
Do you think we could use pantyhose as a virus filter? I have seen it suggested elsewhere. Tips for securing studios and ensuring business continuity during Coronavirus
19 March 2020 - 6:35am
Thanks for the question George. Pat has sent this information to assist you.


The historical research information goes back to the 1920s.

In 1927, Roland Vaile reported in the Harvard Business Review that companies who advertise the most experienced the biggest sales increases

In 1949-54 and 1958-61 Buchen Advertising study showed sales and profits dropped when advertising was reduced and continued to lag for several years after the recessions ended.

Studies by the American Business Press examined the relationship between advertising and sales in 143 companies during the severe 1974-1975 downturn

They found that companies that did NOT CUT ADVERTISING either year had the highest growth in sales and net income during the 2 study years and the following 2 years.

1981-82: McGraw-Hill Research showed firms that maintained or increased ad expenditures averaged significantly higher sales growth during the recession and for the following three years.

In both the 1974/75 and the 1981/82 recessions there were long-range advantages of keeping a strong advertising presence.
Companies that cut advertising in 1981/82 increased sales by only 19% between 1980 and 1985.

Companies that continued to advertise in 1981/82 enjoyed a 275% sales increase.
Radio Sales in the Time of Coronavirus
Anthony The Koala
18 March 2020 - 2:09pm
It is ridiculous reducing AM, FM and satellite radio by mere software upgrade. That is the potential to receive AM, FM and satellite radio is still there but the user cannot access. This is regress not progress imposed by Tesla rather than being requested by Tesla customers.

This is my speculation, that the radio unit installed by Telsa must be a software defined radio ('SDR'). In a simple explanation, instead of placing components specific to a frequency band, the software defines the demodulation and decoding of the radio signal.

I first discovered SDR while experimenting with a USB TV Tuner dongle. Using the 'primitive' software supplied with the USB TV Tuner, one could change the frequencies from as low as 30MHz and choose a particular demodulation such as FM. In addition the bandwidth of the filters could be altered. One could choose frequencies such that one could listen to narrowcast FM services provided by Languages Other Than English ('LOTE') radio stations.

Thus it would not surprise me that DRM could be programmed into the Tesla's head unit.

It's a stupid policy to reduce the number of services to IP-based streaming services including VOD. IP streaming is dependent on a data plan with the ISP.

Note that satellite radio in the US is a subscription service.

We've also read and learned from commentator to this site Mr StJohn that satellite radio as used in the US is dependent on the car's dipole antenna not being in direct line of site of the satellite by obstructions such as trees and rain. Dipole antennas have less gain than a parabolic dish. Mr StJohn mentioned that for moving transport carriers such as cars and ships, parabolic dishes require a servo system moving the dish towards the satellite's direction.

Then if Tesla wish to expand to include 5G, the issue then becomes the ability of the radio receiver to decode 5G signals in environments such as a brick wall that may attenuate the 25GHz signal.

Therefore, even though AM and FM is 'old' technology, it certainly can be heard if there is something between the tx and rx such as rain, tree and a brick/concrete wall. For the latter, the signal may be able to go between the steel-reinforcing bars.

Thank you,
Anthony of collegiate Belfield
Tesla upgrade dumps radio
17 March 2020 - 5:16pm
Great article. I wonder if you can share the citations for the "research shows" part? Radio Sales in the Time of Coronavirus


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