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3 March 2018 - 11:26pm
There has to be a lot of soul searching amongst the management group of Macquarie media, not only did they destroy a proud radio station that lasted for 90 years, also they honestly thought that listeners of 2ue will migrate to 2gb this didn't happen. It's kind of sad to here great personalities like John and Gary do the morning program and talk about how to remove stains from clothing who cares, at the end nobody did listeners left in droves. Talking Lifestyle dropped for sports format at 2UE
3 March 2018 - 8:37pm
I really think Macquarie media doesn't need sports because 2GB,3AW,4BC and other stations across the Macquarie media broadcast sports. And also I'm a listener of 2CH easy 1170 I really think Melbourne and Brisbane should bring back the Magic format. I don't think they need to follow Sydney with the change they should of let magic stay. Talking Lifestyle dropped for sports format at 2UE
Anthony The Koala
3 March 2018 - 10:00am
My theory for the following scenarios of changing formats: talk(v1) to talk(v2), talk to music, music to talk and music to music.

Applying this to the "Talking Lifestyle" ('TL') format, 2UE(talk) to 'TL' which is a talk(v1) to talk(v2) format, the ratings halved to 3.5 and has been steady. In contrast, the "Magic" to TL which is the same as music to talk, the ratings plummeted to less than 0.5%. This situation has been replicated with 3MP to MTR, 3AK to CBC,

What is the competition? In Sydney 2UE will be competing with 2KY (racing), 2GB(footy), MMM (footy), 2SM (AFL) and 702. In Melbourne 'TL's with SEN (consistently rating between 2.0(Wkend) to 3.2 (Wkday)), 774(AFL) . In Brisbane 'TL' will be competing with 4TAB (racing), 2GB(footy) and 612.

Perhaps my theory will be wrong: will 2UE's ratings be stable and will the 'Magic' branded stations change for the better? For the former, it's a talk(v1) to talk(v2) to talk(v3).

But for the latter, it's wait and see. The dynamic is that talent will be drawn from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. That's a lot of resources with expertise in sports. Are the 'top brass' of MML prepared to go for the long haul over several ratings periods especially in the Brisbane and Melbourne markets.

If the Brisbane and Melbourne stations were to revert to an automated music station, don't go with the 'hackneyed' format of 'hits and memories'/'classic hits'/'golden oldies' because the market is saturated with variations of that format on the AM, FM and DAB bands.

Anthony of downtown Belfield
Talking Lifestyle dropped for sports format at 2UE
3 March 2018 - 9:52am
Some parts were okay but 2GB does some of what they are doing ( e.g. gardening).

The station should be another commercial talk back station like 2GB offering listeners another station like this.

There is too much sport - and this will mean that 2GB listeners who do not want to listen to sport on 2GB will not have an alternative talk station. It's really a poor management decision.

The problem is that the announcers on the old 2UE ( like Clive Robertson and Mike Jeffreys) were not well supported by management - listeners loved them - they are classic talk radio broadcasters.

I agree - it was change after change after change - really poor management. Also listeners were not well respected - e.g. emails ignored.

Talking Lifestyle dropped for sports format at 2UE
2 March 2018 - 8:29pm
All sport? Isn't that what 2KY does? This'll fail too! There's already a lot of sport on 2GB and ABC local radio. What once was the great 2UE, and rating better when the format changed, is a former shadow of itself. They should have kept 2UE as it was and not keep changing presenters every 6 months. It was THIS that alienated listeners. It may not have rated as well as 2GB but at least there was an alternative commercial talk station in Sydney. When they changed format I rember ratings were actually going up!! The problem was they became owned by the same network and the powers that be decided the lesser rating one had to go or change format. It's all so very sad.

When George and Paul were moved to 2GB the writing was on the wall. If it's all going to be all sport what will happen to John and Gary? I reackon they're funny and a breath of fresh air. And what about the newly appointed weekend morning team of Rob Duckworh and Mieke Buchan? They were great filling in for John and Gary over the summer break. They should relaunch 2UE as "Sydney's all new 2UE" with a mix of light talk, entertainment, news and music segments. Also, bring back Stuart Bocking, John Cadogen, Angela Catterns and Clive Robinson who will all compliment the great Tim Webster!! What Macquarie Media should do is sell 2UE and THEN the new owners can coax George and Paul back. Now there's a line-up!!!
Talking Lifestyle dropped for sports format at 2UE
2 March 2018 - 6:28pm
I loved doing song requests on the Saturday night Pete Graeham show on the Talking lifestyle digital radio station.I'm very disappointed to hear that the format of Talking Lifestyle is going to change at the end of March 2018 and it will become a sports based radio station.I don't think we need anymore sports based radio stations in Melbourne and I think it would have been a lot better if Talking lifestyle would become a music based radio station playing easy listening 60s,70s,80s and 90s and was a bit like the old 3MP and Magic 1278 stations in Melbourne.
it would be really good if the ABC could launch a new radio station like this as it looks like Talking Lifestyle is going to be all about sports.
From Jono and Ben
Talking Lifestyle dropped for sports format at 2UE
Eugene Delargy
1 March 2018 - 11:56pm
Well done to your small but very intelligent team at Radioinfo to report this story for us. Reading through Hansard or watching Estimates is not often the easiest story to compile. We would have to 'adjust' radio programs if budgets are cut: SBS
27 February 2018 - 4:23pm
... and so is https://radio876.com/ Is your radio station website HTTPS? And should you care?
27 February 2018 - 10:18am
SO no one has thought of the obvious eh.

Where to now for Talking Lifestyle?
Eugene Delargy
26 February 2018 - 4:27pm
SCA is not doing well retaining any of their top line digital staff.

Read with alarming regularity on Radioinfo of people leaving.

Why is it that SCA can't retain their staff here?

Wasn't SCA nominated as one of the best workplaces in recent years?
Chris Derrick to leave SCA


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