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Xperi and LG will deliver the DTS connected radio by 2020 #NABShow

Thursday 11 April, 2019
Panasonic's version of HD Radio
Xperi Corporation and LG Electronics have developed and will integrate DTS Connected Radio technology into automobiles sold around the world, with the first vehicle arriving at dealerships in 2020.
The partnership is with a major global car brand, to be announced at a later date.
Xperi will deliver to LG the DTS Connected Radio platform, which enables an engaging in-car radio experience combining over-the-air radio with IP delivered content.
General manager, automotive at Xperi, Jeff Jury, says “LG Electronics has been a longtime partner, and we are excited to work closely with them in developing a new generation of radio solutions. We continue to build on our longstanding relationships with car makers and broadcasters to create advanced radio solutions that deliver the best possible experience for people everywhere. The DTS Connected Radio system will be the first global system to enable car makers to create a common radio experience across different analog and digital broadcast systems deployed regionally.”
Utilizing an IP connection installed in a vehicle, DTS Connected Radio delivers an innovative analog and digital (DAB and HD Radio) FM experience by pairing broadcast programming with IP-delivered content.
DTS Connected Radio aggregates metadata, such as on-air radio program and talent information, artist and song information, station contact information and more, directly from broadcasters around the world to deliver an enhanced in-vehicle radio experience.
The cars could also arrive in Australia in 2020, and Snr VP, Radio, Xperi, Joseph D’Angelo, told radioinfo the work that Commercial Radio Australia has done with Amazon and Alexa “…really speaks to the innovation and investment that broadcasters are making across all technology.”

Joseph took radioinfo on a quick DTS tour of how the system will look in Sydney.


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Anthony The Koala
12 April 2019 - 8:07am
Great technology for enriching the main broadcast with graphics and other information about the talent, the music. Such technology may well be more suitable for a hifi unit rather than a car. The latter may direct the driver's attention to the radio's rich information display instead of concentrating on the road.

Diverting attention away from the road may well be similar to why there are laws against using a mobile phone whilst driving. That is why I suggest that such sophisticated radios be for the lounge room. If such technology is available for the car, such technology should only be operable when the car is parked or not available for the driver to access. That is in a similar way that car DVD players cannot be accessed by the driver during driving.

Anyway running text containing station ID, weather forecast, song title/artist is already available on DAB+ and FM's RDS. Despite this, the driver must concetrate on the road.

Anthony of exciting Belfield
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