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WorldDAB urges broadcasters to prioritise the visual radio experience in the car

Wednesday 02 September, 2020
WorldDAB has launched a campaign with the support of its Automotive User Experience (UX) Group members to encourage broadcasters to use their visual assets to keep digital radio prominent in car dashboards.

The campaign underlines the important role visual information now plays in providing a positive digital radio experience for drivers and it offers guidance to broadcasters on how to use information they already have in the form of metadata to provide a richer experience for the driver.

Chairman of the WorldDAB Automotive Working Group, Laurence Harrison, said, “Car manufacturers need the confidence that broadcasters are going to provide metadata, and that in turn will ensure that they prioritise the radio user experience in their cars.
As car dashboard screens get even bigger, radio station metadata will be even more important to power a rich user experience. It is vital that broadcasters prioritise metadata for car manufacturers to ensure their station information is clearly and correctly shown on dashboards.”

To support the campaign, WorldDAB has produced the following resources to help broadcasters:
  • Animated video explaining why it’s important for broadcasters’ stations to have a visual presence in the car, and how this can significantly impact the digital radio experience for drivers

  • Information Sheet aimed at senior radio managers and those working at a more technical level giving information on:
    - The exact type of metadata the car industry requires
    - Why metadata is important for broadcasters and drivers today
    - How broadcasters can effectively provide metadata
    - Metadata requirements and other technical information
  • Video presentation to promote the use of metadata more widely within the broadcasting industry and raise awareness on the importance of metadata






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Anthony The Koala
3 September 2020 - 4:05am
Most DAB+ receivers have been marketed in Australia with only two lines at most of a graphical display consisting of the station ID, date/time, signal strength and scrolling text. The latter scrolls information such as song information, weather and news information and promotional info about the radio station's talkback.

Scrolling text for news is quite slow and limited to short 'teasers' to the main news bulletinhe. Other than that, I find it very hard to monetise scrolling text. On Toyota's infotainment system, the text information is not displaying fully.

It is true that the DAB+ system can display graphical information. It is also true that the DAB+ system is capable of displaying EPG (program guide) and TEPG (for traffic reports).

I don't believe that introducing a more sophisticated display unit is warranted in cars. It may be of benefit to passengers. For the driver, unless the information on the radio assists in driving, such a rich graphical display will take the driver's attention away from concentrating on the road. It is similar to the road rules preventing the DVD player from running while the car is in operation.

In sum, the driver must concentrate on the road such not to be distracted by the rich graphical capabilities of a car infotainment system's DAB+.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
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