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Windsor-Hawkesbury Community Radio hopes for more air time as ACMA decision looms

Thursday 29 November, 2018

As Windsor-Hawkesbury Community Radio awaits news from the ACMA on the future of the 89.9 frequency, the group is continuing to build towards what they hope will be better program opportunities next year.

WHCR is "a local autonomous service" of the Consortium of Australian Media Services Inc (CAMS), and is one of three groups offering temporary community broadcasting services on the frequency, after the ACMA controversially declined to renew the previous licence in August 2017.

The current sharing arrangement ends next week, and applicants are hoping to hear about arrangements for 2019, and when submissions for a full time licence will be called.

As one of three TCBLs using the frequency, WHCR-CAMS is broadcasting for 24 hours per week from midday Wednesday until midday Thursday.
Hawkesbury Radio Communications Association (known on air as Hawkesbury Radio) and Hawkesbury Valley Community Radio Association (known on air as Hawkesbury Gold)  also share the frequency, and currently broadcast three days per week each.
CAMS Chairperson Ralph Heness has told radioinfo WHCR-CAMS hopes to get an extended period on air following a number of initiatives in the past year.

He says the group has “established a real grass roots and fresh community radio service with a good membership base of local residents.”

"We have had hundreds of calls and messages supporting us from online, social media, and in person, the community is getting behind us, but it is difficult to maintain or grow with less than two days on air... We hope this can be fixed soon and in time for the next licence. Three days plus for WHCR-CAMS would really allow the community to reap the benefits of this great service and allow them to participate even more," says Henness.

WHCR has a number of locally made shows, according to Henness, "including 'G’day Baz’ Indie and Local music and bands, ‘Tonight on LSD’ with Liam Scotty & Dave (pictured), a variety show with focus on local and regional bands, indie music and the musical cultures.”
WHCR is also producing community news and information and has a local rock based show called ‘Landed Music’
Currently the group is looking for people, "whether they be local residents or music or industry people or from any walk of life, to contact them and get involved even if it’s just to become a member."

Contact details: Website and for membership enquiries.

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4 December 2018 - 3:10pm
I wonder whether we have created some sort of record out here in the Hawkesbury???

As of today, ACMA has issued FOUR temporary broadcast licences to FOUR different community groups. They all share the same 89.9FM frequency, and ACMA has sliced the week into FOUR time slots; each group being awarded a day or two here and there. The air is electric with the sound of transmitters sizzling and crackling, keeping us awake at night, as one group shuts down transmission and another cranks up.

Each group issues breathless press releases, claiming undying allegiance and support from 99% of the local community, while Presenters get tossed to the lions every time there's a schedule change.

Station sponsors aren't too sure who's advertising what and when; the net effect (I suspect) is that total advertising revenue has fallen faster than a dead frog in the Hawkesbury River.

Complaints, accusations, lies and devious intrigues are not uncommon,,,,


Hawkesbury Radio, who were one of only two community stations to lose their licence in 2017, keep posting messages on their web page that scream "we are not dead". (No one wants to tell them.)

May the temporary licences last forever, may the entertainment never cease.
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