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Who has read Craig Bruce’s article The Word of God today?

Wednesday 17 February, 2016
Craig Bruce

Who has read Craig Bruce’s article The Word of God today?

It’s a ripper on the handing down of radio rules from the “Gods” that are blindly followed without question by the masses.

Craig is talking about breakfast benchmarks, being local and giving away wads of cash, and he’s suggesting the rules be broken and invest the wads of cash elsewhere.

My radio career has mostly been spent in a regional market, Hobart. Yeah, I know it’s the capital city of an Australian state but it’s still regional (cue laughter from everyone in Launceston). And trying to fight against those “rules” was often a full time job.

It wasn’t the fault of the CD’s, they were answering to the “big wigs” on the mainland and had their own careers to think about.

The Kim and Dave Show was popular and ultimately earned the title of “heritage breakfast show”, under some awesome CD’s.

We were lucky we were able to grow a show when you didn’t have to fill out insurance forms to give away a pizza in case someone had an allergic reaction and we could pick up the phone and call anyone live to air without permission. Mostly at the expense of Launceston.

We were rarely surveyed so we rarely had cash to give away, in fact we rarely had cash to access at all. Dave and I would sometimes spend our own money on a prize “to get it done” rather than go through the “proper channels”.

Life in regional radio is so different.

The Crazy Call would go to air each morning at 8.10 and if it was missed because the system lost it (which happened a bit) we didn’t hear the end of it from our listeners “I like to listen on my way to work”, “I do my make-up while the Crazy Call is on – now my morning is all over the place”.

When you’re up against that and the CD reminding you of the importance of a daily benchmark then imagine the outbreak of sweat if we’d been chasing a guest, most likely related to a big news story that morning and the ONLY time they could talk was 8.10.

Let’s argue it was Tasmania’s Ricky Ponting and Australia had just won the world cup in India.

Our stomach would be in knots. Bugger, but that’s the time we play the Crazy Call! Add to that, the stress of a “big wig” being in town that day that might have a go at us, which we can cope with but if we liked and respected the CD, we didn’t want him in trouble.


We’d break the rules.

I know Tim Blackwell quite well (not name dropping there is a point).

Tim would sit in on our show every Friday and make tea, write our Battle of the Sexes questions, anything…

I have stayed in touch with Tim and told him how much I admire his show. I have told him it’s the type of show Dave and I were striving for, and while we had great fun and success, we worried (and bitched) all the time about disobeying the rules set by the “Gods”.

He told me it’s so relaxing not having the latest MKR contestant or Voice star on and loading the show with cash giveaways and celebrities,  “Yep – Shigs and I get pretty loose”.

But if you’re not a Tim Blackwell, a Marty or Kyle with big ratings that make the station a lot of money, regional radio is very different.

I am now working in Adelaide and have a Sunday afternoon show over summer on FIVEaa.

Craig Munn’s advice to me was “do what you want, just keep in mind the demographic”.

Now that’s what we’re talkin’ about.

Can we stop overthinking radio? It’s entertainment - metro or regional.

              Kim Napier  

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