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What radio creatives and content makers can learn from Looney Tunes' Chuck Jones

Tuesday 21 July, 2015
Chuck Jones. Image: YouTube
Unless you’re a visitor from another planet, and even then, you’d be aware of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Wyle E. Coyote, the Road Runner plus a list of characters that rivals the Simpsons. Almost all of them voiced by the legendary Mel Blanc.

These 5-6 minute vignettes, some known as Looney Tunes, others as Merrie Melodies were a staple of television and were the most welcome ‘shorts’ that preceded movies at the cinema or ‘the pictures’ of their day. They had become part of our culture (many say that many of the musical scores was how they got their grounding in classical music) and, like the Simpsons, they were accessible on several levels to relate to young and old alike. 

The cartoons look so fresh today that it’s hard to believe that Warner Bros. ceased production in 1963 (save for a brief and ultimately unsuccessful revival 1967-69).

Looney Tune’s and Merrie Melodie’s success had many fathers but the standout was gifted animator Charles "Chuck" M. Jones who directed some their most brilliant pieces. He was nominated for an Academy Award eight times and won it on three occasions along with a Lifetime Achievement Oscar for animation.

The clip below that was put together by movie ‘dissector’ Tony Zhou, dissects the creative process behind the gags and the characters. Although the concepts were born 70 years ago and focus on animation art, they should resonate with anyone creating content for radio or any media today.


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