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What podcasts can learn from radio

Wednesday 26 October, 2016

Speaking at the recent National Radio Conference in Melbourne, Matt Saraceni, Head of Content at Omny said, “…the discovery of podcasts is what podcasting is suffering from most.”

Onmy has moved to solve that problem by launching a new service, the Podcast Discovery Feed, providing subscribers access to new podcasts on a weekly basis.
 “The idea with the Podcast Discovery Feed is if I subscribe to it, every week I get a new bunch of podcasts to listen to with a promo episode at the front of about 30 seconds explaining what the show is and then the latest episode from the feed,” said Matt (below).
Right now that discovery piece is owned by the Apple iTunes Store,” he said.
The number one thing we learnt to try and get everyone to download our app is people don’t download other apps – they use the apps they already have. People who listen to podcast use the podcast app so trying to draw them somewhere else is hard but not impossible.
Radio, especially with things like Radio App, has the best chance of giving reasons to download an app however the podcast long-form listening experience tends to be stuck in the Apple Podcast app.”
The good thing is we’re hitting all the servers of the shows we’re talking about, so no one is losing out on analytics. And also that everybody’s feed is different.”
Matt went on to explain regardless of where you are sourcing your podcasts the consumer experience needs to be frictionless.
“It needs to be as easy as getting into your car and turning on the radio and it’s got to have an element that radio does in spades – it’s been created for you in that moment.”

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