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What do you think of Hughesy and Kate? Horrendous...

Friday 26 June, 2015
A week into their new show being on air in Perth, 96fm asked listeners what they thought of it.

Some liked it.

Others used words such as 'horrendous,' 'rubbish' and 'an absolute joke.'

"Whiney voices grate on me," said one listener in response to the facebook post asking for feedback.

Some wanted the previous announcers back and more music played. Other negative comments included:
"Sorry 96 too much talk, too many ads and not enough music. Why I used to listen to you was the fact Gavin miller was by himself and not too much silly talk with a co host and I could get lots of songs on the way home."

"96fm used to be an "Album" station. I stopped listening along time ago because you just play the same worn out track over and over again. Oh and stop blowing you're own trumpet all day long. We're sick to death of that contrived "We play real music" crap!"

The 96fm facebook moderator was working hard to make sure comments were answered with a cheerful feel and a positive spin. For example:
"Hi Sarah Baker thanks for your feedback, we are more than happy to have Gavin back with us on Sundays for our Classic Cafe. Thanks for listening."

"Thanks for your feedback Roy, we think we’re very lucky to have one of the best radio shows in the country in Perth. We hope you’ll give it a go."

After a series of negative comments, one facebook fan accused the station of blocking further critical posts. Click the comments Like/Comments/Share link in the post below to see more.

The show recently went to number one drive show in Sydney and continues to climb in the other markets where it is heard.

Hi all! It’s Hughesy and Kate’s first week on-air. We’ve had a lot of feedback and we’re listening to all comments. Let us know what you think.

Posted by 96fm Perth on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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Eugene Delargy
27 June 2015 - 9:17am
Rightly so that Perth audiences should complain.

Radio's inherent quality that will see it thrive above fading counterparts of conventional broadcast mediums is that it is live, immediate, local and indisputably, has VERY CHEAP PRODUCTION COSTS (note that well bean counters!).

Perth is THREE HOURS behind Melbourne for half the year and two hours behind for the rest. Why should Perth be subjected to a stale, non immediate, non local show that is off air before it begins?

I always thought that was why a local Hot 30 would endure on 929 but obviously bean counters had other ideas, now they think doing the same on drive is acceptable.

Unfortunately, with three other choices similarly stale being available in the Perth market, most of 96's numbers will hold up unless they're tinkering with the music?

The same reasons alone is why interstate radio should not air on radio in Qld, SA or NT.
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