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War Memorial Dawn Service Simulcast on MIX 106.3

Wednesday 24 April, 2013
The BBC's Kate Adie

Canberra’s MIX 106.3 and the Australian War Memorial have embarked in a new partnership which will have the full National Dawn Service broadcast live through the region to those who cannot be at the ceremony in front of the AWM this ANZAC Day.

The partnership will extend the reach of this important and poignant event to even more Australians in the region as we, and our New Zealand neighbours, remember the sacrifice of those before us and of those men and women currently serving in modern day war zones around the globe.

The broadcast will begin at 4:30am and conclude at 6am. The running order of the broadcast is:


Leith Arundel, a local Canberra actor, will read excerpts from letters and diaries of Australians who experienced first-hand war in all its facets.


Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG will read emotive accounts of Australian service in Afghanistan.

5:28am – 6:00am

Dawn Service

MIX 106.3 Content Director, Drew Chapman, says, “The ANZAC Day Dawn Service is such an important event, especially in the ACT with so much of the Defense Force community based here, that it makes perfect sense to broadcast the ceremony so those who cannot be at the Memorial can feel that they are part of this National Service.”

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25 April 2013 - 3:52pm
Ahhhh yes. I remember dealing with Dene - constantly hassling me for voicing promos for Ridge Radio (though I was doing it for nothing).

Had the cheek to ask for a demo from me to voice track shifts (though he already had promos from me) - claimed he had something like 50,000 listeners and they we're taking it up to Power FM.

One look of their then website told me this was far from the case!
25 April 2013 - 4:36pm
Always wondered what the score was with Ridge Radio, and then it seemed to drop completely out of sight. It's interesting to note that, although Dene gravely concedes that he cannot survive on fresh air, it appears that he expected nothing less from his voiceover talent with Ridge.

I also noticed that that when it's put to Dene that his version of events differs from feedback from others, he either pleads ignorance or a concern for his health is raised. Way to deflect there with smoke and mirrors, Dene.

Couldn't help but laugh when I read the last bit about his rent being unpaid. You've supposedly got the money to pay $2150.00 worth of bills accrued by the radio station, but are demanding your pay from the station to cover your couple of hundred bucks in rent? Try to make sense, son. It's so important in this industry.
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21 May 2013 - 9:06pm
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