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Tony Martin mocks Ray Hadley’s album. Hadley hits back

Monday 28 January, 2019
Image: 2GB
There’s no love lost between Tony Martin and Ray Hadley. They’re polar opposites both politically and culturally. Their tastes in music could not be further apart.
So, just before Christmas, perhaps imbued with the festive spirit, in a poke at Hadley’s annual Christmas song compilation Martin tweeted, “Who's popping down to Southland (in Melbourne) to buy this?
@mrtonymartin followers eagerly joined the roast – this one on-site at JB Hi Fi replied, “All I want for Christmas, NOT.”
Martin kept the jibes coming till late into the night, seemingly unperturbed by the fact that several Hadley fans had told him that all the money raised from the CD goes to a good cause: research into motor neurone disease.
Of course, as soon as Hadley returned from holidays he saddled up his high horse and hit back at Martin calling into question his abilities as a comedian.
More to the point, Hadley told his listeners, “I hope that some decency prevails here when he understands that I’ve never made a cent out of the sales of the CDs.
“Despite the fact that he doesn’t know me but despises me, perhaps he’ll turn things around and encourage whatever people may follow him on social media to go out and buy the CD, because it’s for a particularly good cause.”

True, but it’s doubtful that many Tony Martin fans would want an album of songs hand-picked by Hadley in their collection. Perhaps  Martin could release his own compilation album and encourage his vast army of followers to buy it for motor neuron research and see who can raise the most. 


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