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Tom Elliot interviews another imposter while real rapper laughs along in bed

Tuesday 04 November, 2014
3AW’s Tom Elliot has come under fire again after interviewing a man claiming to be Melbourne rapper Matt Colwell aka “360” over comments he made about the Australian flag on Q&A a few weeks ago.

Yet as the interview progressed, it came apparent that the caller 3AW had on the line was no such person.

After the event went to air, the 360 Facebook page posted a video of the rapper listening to the interview from his bed after only becoming aware of it moments earlier. 

“I just got a call saying tom Elliot from 3aw was about to interview me live about my comments on QandA.. This is the first I'd heard of it.”

Despite not really sounding like Colwell, the imposter successfully trolled 3AW for over 6 minutes, never properly answering Elliot’s questions and going off on tangents about cult group the Illuminati.

It’s the second time Elliot has come under fire for the lack of research into his guests after airing an interview with an imposter claiming to be Omar al-Shishani, a notorious military commander of ISIS.

The 360’s imposter seemed keen to expose the journalist’s corner cutting when it comes to backgrounding interviews asking “How much research do you actually do…?”

“We do as much as we can” replied Elliot.

The 3AW announcer explained that they took a gamble when it came to Omar al-Shishani as all they had to go on was a Twitter profile, but their caller asserted that it should be easier closer to home. 

“What about someone who lives in Brighton, in Melbourne. I’m that. I didn’t get checked at all, I just came on.”

The real Matt Colwell summed up the event at the end of his video.

“Tom Elliot, isn’t that the second time you’ve interviewed someone who’s no the actual person you’re meant to be interviewing?”

Post by 360.

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