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Todd Campbell: Heidi, Will and Woody's year in review

Friday 12 December, 2014
As 2014 draws to a close for 92.9’s Heidi, Will and Woody, we sat down with Content Director of the Perth breakfast team, Todd Campbell, to ask him about the year in review.

How have Heidi, Will and Woody done over the year in terms of ratings?

It was a very solid start, by Survey 4 they reached 9.1 (10+) driven by a large increase in female 25-39, they were # 1 in that cell, and the station was Number 1 Female under 40 - were off to a flyer.

But the survey break didn’t do us any favours at all. They lost momentum across Survey 5 and 6.  But by half way through Survey 6 I could hear the show sounding like it was across Survey 4. Currently they are on 7.4 (10+) and win females 18-24 and  are a few points behind Nova females 25-34 in share, but are the same cume… Not bad.

What about audience response, how good is it in terms of calls, social media and other interactions?

Brilliant. They’re the youngest show in Perth by far, and thus they speak a different language, have a fresher slant than the other shows they’re up against –and that gets a great reaction. Also, their topics, online videos and public appearances – go off. They are the most active show in Perth by far - which they have to be.

How does this year compare to past years?

Heidi Will and Woody are a generational shift. When you flick around in Perth this year, you hear HWW in breaky, Dan and Maz in drive – and tactical ideas that aren’t stock standard.  The cumulative effect is, we really are the only CHR station in Perth. Aside of us, it’s Mix 94.5, Nova and 96FM in a  battle of the AC / Hot AC position. Previously, 92.9 would have also been in that. 

Why do you think the three of them work well together?

We didn’t barrel them with rigid roles straight away. We allow them to learn by taking risks. A lot of focus  on ‘off air’ getting to know you stuff. 

Do they have particular roles within the team?

Will is the anchor and in charge of structure, and he also brings a very dry wit, and extensive knowledge base. He’s a lawyer, so on big news days when comedy doesn’t sit right, you hear him take charge. Heidi brings a natural warmth and strong female reliability to the stable. Woody is ‘in the moment’ … a natural funny loveable energy.

How much guidance do you give them about the way they should work together and what they should talk about?

I have a great EP and I coach him on what they should be talking about. I spend time with them individually coaching and provoking them. It’s in these early years you have the one chance to make talent courageous and willing to dig deep within themselves. I focus on that. 

What is the talk/music ratio in the show?

92.9, 5 to 6 songs an hour, 6 talk breaks at 3 – 4 mins a break. 

There are lots of good bands coming out of WA at the moment. Which local acts are you playing on the station?

We had WA girl Teischa Jones who won the Telstra road to Discovery this year live on HWW’s Xmas party show this morning. However, other than that – not enough.  

They have been pretty high profile in their promotions and in sharing their personal lives with listeners – what have been some of the highlights that listeners have reacted to or warmed to over the year?

Getting amongst Perth and the listeners.  They have been everywhere and people genuinely love them. Their online videos and their unique benchmarks… “ Fist-pump moments”, celebrating life’s little victories is probably their most famous segment.  The end of year video sums it up nicely.

What’s on the agenda for the show next year?

Have even more fun, push more boundaries, continue to take risks and take the piss out of ourselves. They want the show to ‘shake up’ and ‘shape’ how breakfast radio should sound.

Any other thoughts?

I wonder outside of SCA, is anyone other network really developing people and shows? It’s easy to buy products off the shelf, but to keep this industry strong – all networks – need to be finding airtime to develop new talent. SCA owns this space and I think the lack of passion and commitment in this area by other networks has been piss weak. Except maybe for Fairfax who seem to be developing, trying, and adding too -  the radio equation. 


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