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Summer months bring increase in radio listening

Wednesday 21 February, 2018

GfK summer survey. 

Radio listening plays an important role during summer, with nearly 9 out of 10 listeners tuning in to radio as much or more than usual as the weather heats up.  

For the second year running, GfK has conducted a survey during summer which found radio continues to engage listeners across this period, providing them with entertainment, music and information.
Traditionally a time when regular radio on-air teams take a break, the GfK Radio Insights Summer Listening report, released today by Commercial Radio Australia, shows that radio in both metropolitan and regional areas reaches 62% of listeners at their holiday destination and one in two radio listeners strongly agree, that during the summer months they are more likely to listen to media than watch it. 

Commercial Radio Australia CEO Joan Warner says while media consumption patterns chang over summer, this second summer survey shows radio listening often increases, because people have more time while on holidays. 
“People are listening to the radio as they travel and are tapping into the local community at their holiday destinations for information and entertainment,” says Warner.

The report showed all radio formats continue to engage listeners during summer with:

  • 89% of listeners listening to as much or more music
  • 84% listening to as much or more news
  • 64% listening to as much or more talkback
  • 55% listening to as much or more sport

The most important things when choosing a radio station to listen to during summer are:

  • Music (88%)
  • Entertaining (86%)
  • Informative (77%)
  • Fun (76%)
  • News / Traffic Reports (74%)
  • Presenters / Announcers (71%)

The insights also show that radio listeners are more likely than non-listeners to say they increase spending on groceries and eating over summer.

Radio listeners aged 18 – 24 are more likely to increase their spending over summer, with 39% more likely to spend more on eating out, 35% more likely to spend more on fast food and 30% more likely to spend more on groceries. 
“The Summer Insights once again shows radio is very effective over the summer period in reaching consumers even when they are out of their regular routine,” Warner said.
GfK conducted the 2018 Summer Listening Insights report nationally as part of its Radio Insights series, with more than 1,200 people surveyed online in both metropolitan and regional areas between the 15 – 25 January 2018.

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Eugene Delargy
25 February 2018 - 1:27pm
More people over summer are listening, so what do our commercial and national broadcasters do for their audiences? Abandon them and go send their teams on holidays.

There's enough time in survey breaks during the year and school holidays for shows to have a rest when life is more busy.

However, come the Christmas holidays, so many facets of life take a holiday and this is where radio could capitalise. More trial, development programming, keep some headline personalities on air over the Christmas period and so on.

In Melbourne this January, gang violence dominated the news for weeks. ABC Melbourne was anything but with dreary national programming full of schmaltzy summer topics and AW's #1 lineup cleared out the door leaving their producers and substitute presenters to fill their void. They did it well, but so much more could be done with consistency of normal programming over summer.

Regional markets these days often sees local programming cut altogether, a victim of cost cutting and for commercial broadcasters, the local content legislation working against local markets that invest so much in radio.

Whilst radio stations have known for years that more people listen to radio over Christmas and beyond, their cavalier attitude continues. Never mind the audience you're supposed to be catering first and foremost.

Looking at Netflix and other content on demand, it doesn't take a holiday for Christmas and nor should radio.
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