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Shit Perth People Say goes viral

Sunday 05 February, 2012

After the overwhelming response to the video Shit Perth People Say, 92.9’s Lisa, Paul & Baz spoke to Meerkats’ Head of Art Dan Bradley about the idea, the process and why people love it. It could work even better in other cities that have more to whinge about.

“We’re a bunch of creative and curious critters and we sit around and come up with ideas for clients that goes all over Australia,” he said. “But we live in Perth and we love Perth and we had this idea ‘why don’t we talk about the quirky and unique things that Perth gives us.


“It’s really an expression of our creative thinking; the kind of thing we do for our clients.


“This wasn’t for a client, it was just an idea we had. Hayley, who was in the video, was one of the original people that mentioned it, it was her idea. Between us we all put it together and people seem to love it. Woke up this morning and it’s gone crazy.”

Bradley, who hails from the UK, told the breakfast team the video was born from good intentions.

“I love Perth, I’ve chosen to live here,” he said. “My wife’s from Perth. I have nothing to complain about.”

In just one day since the video was posted to YouTube, it has been viewed more than 100,000 times and even featured on Channel Nine News.

“It’s funny because we started getting Facebook messages from all over the world,” Bradley said. “So we were like ‘ooh this is getting some interest and traction’. It’s great. We’re always trying to do things that talk to people in a human way as part of our work, but doing this as a project for ourselves has been really, really interesting.”

Lisa, Paul & Baz even made a few of their own suggestions and Paul, who is new to Perth, said his top two were “Do you know, it’s cheaper to fly to Bali than it is to Melbourne” and “Look, you just don’t need to shop on a Sunday”.

Bradley is now directing fans to the video’s Facebook page, where people can suggest their own lines to be included in version two.


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