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SCA's new minimalist logo for maximum visibilty

Tuesday 02 July, 2019

Once upon a time there was Austereo. It dominated the FM airwaves in the metro markets of Australia.
And then, in 2011, it married a handsome prince called Southern Cross who owned a lot of stations in regional Australia. 
It took some time for the newlyweds to come up with a new and exciting name for the the freshly merged entity that would adequetly convey their great mission to produce the finest radio in Australia. 
They finally decided that the new name would be an amalgam of the two former names and settled on Southern Cross Austereo. Brilliant!
We must admit that at radioinfo at the time, we thought Southern Cross Austereo was a bit of a mouthful and kept calling it Austereo and soon after stripped it down to its acronym, SCA. This was frowned upon by the PR department of the day whose job, as nanny to the happy young couple, was to ensure that the public face, sound and feel of the network remained consistent with the approved company brand even when spoken. 
That was in July 2011.  By about August of that year, nobody on the planet, apart from the PR department and the C-Suite, was talking about Southern Cross Austereo – everyone knew it as SCA.
Now, eight years later, SCA has developed a new 'minimalist' logo design that leaves consumers and stakeholders in no doubt as to the company’s name.

 Here are the old logos, prior to the merger of 2011 along with the SCA logo post July 2011, and prior to yesteday.




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