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Russell Crowe on Nova but not WSFM: Amanda tells why

Sunday 30 June, 2019
Russell Crowe joined Nova's Fitzy and Wippa on the phone from LA this week to chat about his starring role in the new tv drama ‘Loudest Voice’ about the inception of Fox News.

Crowe showed off his old-school announcer voice and admitted he used to put that voice on and prank-call people putting them through a quiz and giving away fake holidays.

Mid-interview the fire alarm went off in Rusty’s hotel room and he joked it was Jonsey and Amanda trying to sabotage the interview because he turned them down.

Amanda tells a slightly different story about why Crowe was not heard on WSFM. Yesterday she told her listeners what really happened:

“He cancelled. I’ll tell you why, he would only come on to talk about it if we’d play his song."

Jonesy responded: "When’s this become a thing? Is that a thing now? I didn’t even know he had a new song.”

He wanted us to play it. I didn’t want to play it... We said we wouldn’t be blackmailed this way,” said Keller, who did end up playing a grab from the track by Crowe’s band Indoor Garden Party.

"He went on Fitzy and Wippa, they agreed to play his song. Why would you?” she asked.

“No wonder they rate less than us,” Jonesy replied.

Elsewhere in Fitzy and Wippa's chat Crowe talked about his mate Ed Sheeran and how he sat on the stage just behind him during his show in Florence.

Crowe also talked about appearing on the Howard Stern show and how he turned down the role in Lord of the Rings – he felt Peter Jackson didn’t really want him. He also said the role he regrets turning down most is playing Johnny Cash in Walk the Line.

The Loudest Voice is Showtime’s new seven-part mini-series about Roger Ailes and his stewardship over the creation and rise of the right wing Fox News. “Don’t worry about what’s right or wrong… people don’t want to be informed— they want to feel informed,” says Crowe playing Ailes in one episode of the mini-series. The Loudest Voice will be available in Australia on Stan.  

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